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Daily Prompt: Irksome

via Daily Prompt: Irksome

Machine without internet connection is – irksome.

Day without work is – irksome.

Distractions are – irksome.

Not being able to follow the drafted plans is – irksome.

Things not falling in place for no good reasons is – irksome.

Selfish behaviors with the wrappers of selflessness are – irksome.

Not able to meet whom you so want to is – irksome.

Not able to read,write when you so want to is – irksome.

Those unnecessary expressions while describing things are – irksome.

Back bitching is – irksome.

Not living and letting others not live is – IRKSOME.


Daily prompt – phase

Phase –
This too shall pass…! And waiting for this to pass really really soon now. I am fad of this work which is not letting me have a life at all. I was and I am pushing it so for considering it as a Phase, which doesn’t seem the reality now. It has no signs of ending ever. They say , quit if you can, stop complaining otherwise and I was following it so far.
I can neither  continue nor stop complaining. A step taken, a new phase awaited….!

Daily prompt – Buddy

Buddy –
Yet another favourite prompt to write about.
Buddy – I cannot think of my life without them. I have most of them in buddy + relationships. What I mean by “buddy + relationships” is they are buddy to me along with being brother,sister,husband, husband’s bestest buddies, teammates etc.
I don’t have a so called huge circle of friends per say. Fingers of hands are more if I am to count them literally who fall under the Best category. So they are just a few but mean really a lot to me. I remember the talks say five years back we had about how our lives would be fine years down the lane and we actually are there now having then talked about phases of life. Thing to be glad about is we still manage to keep in touch, we still promise answer to the calls made. Sure that no one can promise presence in the need of hour, what all we can and we do offer is patient heart that listens, words that help heal/encourage if cannot provide solutions to the problem right off the bat.
I can say we all are growing up. We no more have those stupid fights of who gave the call last time and who’s turn it is now. We don’t get upset about the unanswered calls/texts. We don’t feel the distance when we actually are miles apart and take almost months when we find time to catch up with each other. When we get/find time to talk is the time when nothing else matters and we talk just like we did ages back as if nothing has moved/changed, we are still those good old souls craving for time together.
Post won’t be complete without some special mentions, so here are they..
1) V – you are missed truly madly deeply. I don’t see atleast more 5 years to come ahead will allow us the time we need. Keep in touch whatever way that is possible. I still need you no matter I am blessed with best friend as a life partner. I know you see what I mean. Take care and I really Miss you 😦
2) M – we are here in same city but meeting is a distant dream cause of personal lives taking on everything that is even more personal. I need to meet you too till we feel, yes we really had a time. I am sorry that in spite of the fact that I know you need the us time, I am not able to make it 😐 I know you have got really big heart that can pardon me. Oh yes and forgetting your birthday, how even I did that. A big sorry and a compensatory treat on me for this one. No you cannot keep that anguished feeling with me, I already mentioned we are grown up you see πŸ˜‰ :p I will have to make sure that you read it..!
P – I respect your views all the way. Need time with you as well. Thanks for your efforts to keep in touch all the ways possible. You deserve a separate post, I am lining it up. I see more than 50% a friend in you than a brother.
G – How much a still crave for a friend in you Mr Husband. Let me admit, it makes things easy for me to accept when you turn on this mode while explaining various aspects of problems at hand. I know we have come really far but still this is one of the best times we have spent each other when we knew each other as friends. I would never ever let loose us this relation we share. I still want you to be my bestest friend.
S – well there are many of you who start with S, and you all are special to me. Unfortunately you all are far way from me, I miss you, long for your presence and talk. To all S, please read it as a reminder that you have a friend who still wants you to be there.
Last but not least, to all whom I didn’t mention here, you all are dear to me and you all’s contribution to my life is valued..!
Yaroon dosti badihi haseen hai..
Ye na ho to kya fir bolo ye jindagi hai…

Daily prompt – Chaos

Chaos –
Chaos – it is state of my mind, life, career. I am not able to take grasp of any of these things, or I am that lazy and turning a person of type let it happens what it happens…!
Underlying fact is I am not the only one who is controlling my life. I don’t want to write a complain about it here as they say , Quit if you can, if not stop complaining…! I am going to let it happy what it happens literally. Ending it on the chaotic state it self.. :l

Daily prompt – Stroll

Stroll –
I am still catching up with the missed prompts, so here’s the one of them- Stroll.
We had the one last sundya. It was 30 minutes or so and what I learned from the husband in those 30 minutes stroll is SWOT (Strength-Weakness-Opportunities+Threat) analysis. Strolls with husbands have been always productive as that is most quality time we offer each other. Routine doesn’t allow us to have strolls really often, but whenever we have it, it helps to have a really good thought exchange.
Strolls have been always a thought exchange medium for me not only just with husband but even with my parents.
I remember the strolls during summer with them post dinner and that special coffee or an ice cream that we ended it with. I have had strolls all alone as well with ears plugged in with earphones playing what i love to hear and this offered me the often needed “ME” time.
Yet another stroll that  I clearly remember is on the beach with a bestest friend M. Moon light and beach and you best friend along side. I remember we talked about life plans,future, philosophy and what not. We didn’t get this time at all after that, we owe each other it M, let’s plan on it.
Well there’s nothing more to stroll that I can think of this moment, so this is it..!

Daily prompt – Sacrifice

Sacrifice –

Such a meaningful and worthy deed this word stands for. Does it really fit all the contexts,causes and cases it used in? If you ask me the honest answer to the question is a big NO..!
I just feel if you are mentioning something to someone as a sacrifice you did, word and deed looses its meaning right there. These days u find this word being used just to decorate the deeds so that they appear as act of selflessness very well hiding the purpose under hood. Post it here if you think otherwise.
Sacrifices are to be realised and not something that should be marked explicitly for others to take a note of it.
Well that is all pretty much ideal and sunn


day scenario.
Reality however is if you keep sacrificing without making any noise about it, be ready to be taken for granted that you would keep doing this act of goodness no matter how things and people around change. When it’s to me taking over it, I am not the person who can stand this taken for granted thing. I value people and their good gestures and expect it in return , if not 100% , to a certain extent, absolutely.
So now if someone comes and tells me upfront that I never do what sacrifice is ,the blunt answer would be, I know what it is that is why I don’t quote this word make my selfish deeds look gorgeous. And if you are to ask me details of the sacrifice I did, well this question is never going to get an answer as I don’t want my deed to loose its meaning πŸ™‚
I know this post is more of self talk and is all  in circles. πŸ˜‰ just trying to get some pace on writing scribbling, so please bare with me πŸ™‚

Daily prompt – shadow

Shadow –

Though it is not prompt for today, as I am finding time now, catching up on missed prompts.
Shadow – The only thing that doesn’t leave for sure when you are in the dark and it will let you lead it all when it’s bright around without leaving behind even a smallest piece of its existence.
Is not it an awful to think of something that is there by you just when it’s black and let you take it all on the white and bright. Who otherwise on the earth would do that for you? I bet not even you yourself can do that as we end up blaming and cursing ourselves for the wrong moves done and leave our own self in the dark all alone, so definitely this backing up is not 100% if you get it from another person or thing for that matter.
Shadow symbolises commitment for me, what does it mean to you?? Waiting to hear back from you all lovely people around..!

Daily prompt – Hope

Hope –

I am back to daily prompts with a HOPE to keep up with it…!
I am going to scribble down whatever that comes to my mind for the word Hope.
Hope is the thing that keeps world going around.
Ummid pe duniya kayam hai” is what they say in Hindi. I find it really true as well. Few days ago I happened to have a conversation with my only cousin brother whom with I can have brain storming sessions around the same word. We tried calculating on different aspects of life, ups and downs, sun and the rain, success and failure and many more similar things to conclude that we have to keep faith and Hope for the best.
Summing it up on note to my over thinking and worried brain… Keep hoping, best is yet to come….!

Daily Prompt: Singing the Blues

We all feel down from time to time. How do you combat the blues? What’s one tip you can share with others that always helps to lift your spirits?


Crying the river was the only way so far that opted when it was to singing blues. Let the silent tears roll out as long as they do, and relief what I had Β at the end of it. They say it heals more if we cry with someone, but I prefer it all alone.

I totally understand this way of singing blues can never lead me to solution, but that is what works for me at least to feel better at the moment.

I wont say this way as to tip to anyone to use for singing blues, but yes to cry is ok than choking up.

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