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July 2013

keeping you to be yourself….

There lies a peace and contentment that nothing can replace in being your self – The Wonderful you. I don’t remember exactly the number for how many times I have already posted this same thing here. But I don’t mind doing it for yet another time as I am realizing it again for some deeper meaning and it is making even more sense than before.

Probably this is what happens when you get to spend some quality time with a friend who knows you in and out. She pointed out so many changes in me in such a small time and reminded a big time to be myself. So many things changed. Some for better some for worse, and I didn’t realize when did that happen. Those which are changed for better are happily accepted but those which changed for worse are worth giving a thought.

World around tries to paint you with its colors all the ways possible. Be it be making you more and more particle, to the extent to forget that there is something called “emotions”. It shows us every possible downside of being innocent in day today life.It shows being competent is the only thing that matters as you are participating this rat race, no matter you wish to do so or not. Is not it really difficult to keep your color with all this around? Well it really is, if you are to ask me….

When you realize, if you keep innocent, people are to take for granted without giving a second thought. How one is supposed to mange to keep this one of the best possible quality then? Well no matter how difficult it is, we got to keep it. Well this is something I was made aware about. We indeed need to be who we are… Difficult but not impossible for sure. Keep accepting the changes for betterment and discarding those which are to worsen… To Keep balance is a skill to be mastered.. 🙂

“Safar me dhoop to hogi, jo chal sako to chalo
sabhi hain bheeD mein tum bhee nikal sako to chalo

kisi ke waaste raahen kahan badalti hai
tum apne aap ko khud hi badal sako to chalo

Yahan kisi ko koi raasta nahin deta
muJhe gira ke agar tum sambhal sako to chalo

yahi hai zindagi kuch khwaab chand ummeeden
inhi khilonoN se tum bhee bahal sako to chalo….”


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