I know it is essentially for our bread and butter but still I hate it 😦 . I want you to start hunting for a new job on war footing and be by my side end of the every single day no matter what. This my sound childish or whatever but this is what your trulys heart demanding. 

Believe me it was/is no easy to pass any of those evenings convincing my mind that you are out for a purpose where my brain is absolutely sure and in the state of acceptance for the same thing. Yeah sad but the fact, it is brain verses mind again but somehow my mind tends to surpass all that my brain has inculcated.

I had promised my self to follow what brain can accept a way back and I am keeping my promise for most of the things but alas, when it is about you not being there, I fail miserably to keep my own promise.

I understand it is equally difficult for you do it all these days irrespective of the fact that being on the move is your passion. And yes how can we forget your little sweetheart needs your time and attention too. I know you love her mischievous smile like anything. 

I am yearning for the “US” time. Hope we find it soon. 

P.S. : I know I say this same thing atleast once in 12 hours to you , still I penned it down.

P.P.S : I love you to the moon and back 🙂