Okay so the post is really simple but I cannot stop smiling when I think of this story. It’s been quite long that I have posted and a happy mood post is even longer than that. So here it is finally…!

Couple of days back husband complained about slow phone and said he needs a better hardware phone now. And I am super happy over this cribbing. Doesn’t that sound crazy?? Yeah indeed it does. Now the quest why I feel good/happy for this. That’s the TRANSFORMATION that I see coming guys, and that is the reason I am happy. A guy who was hardly concerned for the direction world and technology moving towards, rather was more interested in moving in the exactly opposite direction. Not that I don’t like his this overall approach for life but for the technology area I always felt that he should take up. And yay I see that coming.
Around two years back me and a whole set of our close friends did all the possible things to make him buy a tablet with basic configuration at least. That is how we on boarded him to the “Stay Connected World, till the his PC was the only thing he used to use and I had to wait till night to see him online or else had to use traditional texting , SMS thing (we still use this way to communicate, yeah we really do). Even after buying a tablet this fella was not ready to give up on his symbian phone.
So as we celebrated our first Valentine’s day, yours truly gifted him his first Android phone and now I see demand for the 2nd one coming ;).
I know I have spoiled you giving this phone as I see you burring your noes in the screen and completely ignore the talks around. But that makes sense to me than keep talking on all nonsense topics of who has what and who did what.
Here I am ready to spoil more , look this space for more updates.

P.S. : I know this post makes no sense at all, but then who cares 😉