Well not sure if those are things that can really be called as expectations. But to the extent those things hurt me,so I will opt to call them all as expectations.
Be it be as simple as someone really close to you asking you at the end of the day “how was the day for you?” , no big deal right? And shouldn’t cost more than few seconds. And yes I am not saying I wait for it EXPECT it from every single fellow I know, but I do it from some of them. If you are to ask if I do it ever the same to them? Well the answer is YES. I do it almost every single day. Its a kinda one way traffic you see…!
Though it starts with simple question, it is not all,list is pretty long, as
1)Appreciating little things once in a while at least
2)Little surprises, may be as simple as a Chocolate. I know I can very well go and get it as and when I want to..! I am spell bound put it in words as to the extent joy I feel when someone else gets me the one. I badly miss you Dad for this.

These were couple of more examples.
I don’t know it is right thing to even think of and feel bad about at the end as it didn’t happen the way you wanted it. I my self find a joy in giving and I try to do and manage it for all those who count and even don’t count to me. Ain’t it fair to expect it in return? May be it is not especially when you know the thought hurts you.
So to ME – stop expecting…! That’s the happiness all about it.