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take the world and paint it red… :)

What it is when you feel that stubborn clock is taking  really long to turn from 6 p.m to 6.30 p.m?  And then normal traffic annoys you for no reason as you know there is nothing new with it… Finally reaching the destination and those long(well not really long) awaited glance exchanges.. Those tickling butterflies in the stomach… Unstoppable smiles for no reason… And when you feel you should talk something you fall short of words and what all you do is Smile.. 🙂

And now that I literary cannot talk this all to that person face to face, WordPress is at my rescue. I want to put that all down. That out of the world feeling of being really really special. Have you wonderful readers experienced being that special ever? Have you been renamed as “Princes” for another time in your life after your Dad did it for the first time? Have the number of phone calls monitoring you – like did you start for office? did you reach? have you had breakfast?lunch?coffee?dinner?did you reach home? doubled for you?I mean exactly the double in number? Has any one ever written a poem for you? or someone wrote those sometime back and now tells you that ,”YOU” perfectly fit in those words? Sounds wonderful,ain’t it? Well to literally live this is Heavenly feeling.

Yes this all is happening around the life of yours truly 🙂 …. I never knew that someone can change my life to this extent. Things fall in place in their own time. I mark it again. This could have happened say long three years back but no, this was the right time made for all that to fall in place. Yesterday a school friend, today becoming the prince charming. Ahhh I don’t know how much I should thank god for this. I smile at my past cribbing and complains about destiny today for that I yelled of being lonely and feeling the void. Change is what I have all around. Remember?? I often talked about the time freezing moment that I was awaiting for? Here it is finally…..!


Looking forward to the Big day that we will make to the life time…. Will keep you wonderful readers posted of the updates..

Till then – Painting it red with him… 🙂 🙂 🙂

Its me,

yours truly….



and it is another Anniversary….! :)

So my baby “”  is 2-year-old now 🙂 . Like the first time it was WordPress that reminded me of an anniversary. Feels like I have concurred another milestone. Two years – never thought of coming this long when I started of with it. This baby of mine is witness of my falls and rises, ups and downs of my personal, professional rather every possible facet of my life. A ton grateful to all those regular readers for their patience to bear with my writing scribbling attempts. Equally grateful to all those who  generously dropped by,you visits help me keep going.

Those were the bunch of gloomy thoughts that forms the start of the this blog and as they say every dark night has an end with bright dawn, so is where I see and plan to take this blog. It indeed took a lot of time to jump off the falls but yes its better late than never, ain’t it? I credit a part of what form sources of my inspiration to the writing of all wonderful fellow bloggers, it is you all’s writing that boosted my moral to keep evolving every time I visited your blogs. Keep blogging and so I’ll keep evolving.  Last but not the least – Wish me Happy Anniversary … 🙂 🙂


by the way…!

By the way – life is what happens to you when you are busy planning other things. Out of the thin air it starts formulating and  universe conspires in your favor if you are keen to go for it. Well this is it for now.. Watch this space for more 😉 🙂

“Sun rahi hoon sudhbudh kho ke
Koi main kahani
Puri kahani hai kya kisi hai pata
Main to kisiki ho ke yeh bhi na jaani
Ruth hai yeh do pal ki ya rahegi sada
Kise hai pata
kise hai pata…………..”

the happiness is … :)

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So you as you people can guess, we are madly in love with “The Happiness Page” these days..

Happiness is these small unnoticed things, ain’t it? 🙂

Do share what you think the happiness is….


A ton grateful to you Neeli for passing them all to me – Liebster Award, I love you blog Awards, ABC Award, The Loyal Reader Award, The Best Moments Award…. It means a lot to me and as you said, even I can count them on fingers as to how many of them I have received till date. My blog’s wall is going to shine now with the ones that you passed on to me. 🙂


first-best-moment-award-winner1 i-luv-ur-blog-award liebster-award21

Here is my answer paper for the question paper that you set… 😉

1. Why do you blog?

Well for many reasons and for no reason. Sometimes I do it just like that, for absolutely no reason. At times it is to pen down the emotion that be it be joy,pain,sulk. I feel better once I pen it down, so I blog 🙂

2. If you get a chance to meet any of your fellow blogger, would you like to meet him/her and why?

Yes,as now that I already know the person to an extent, I would like to meet and know more about him/her.

3. Do you know cooking? If yes, what is signature dish? If No, would you like to learn?

Yes I cook every single day but I do it as I have to 😦 . I am not very fond of doing it and so it isn’t my forte.

4. How do you manage your anger?

I pen it down these days.. 🙂 Otherwise I prefer to keep mum and simply dont let out even a single word.

5. Any suggestion for Me ;) and my blog :)

Keep blogging.. 🙂

6. Which post of mine did you like and why?

Well there are many but still if you are to ask me to choose the one : Me, Window and Thoughts would be the one. I could relate very closely to this one, so I like it the most.

7. What would you like me to cover in my blog?

Ahh no specific suggestions as such.

8. Would you like to plan for a blogger get together?

Would surely like to 🙂

9. Have you ever faced failure and have converted as your success? Share some incident with us.

This is the most difficult one to answer. I reserve the answer to it for now

10. Do you believe in God? If No, Why?

Yes I do believe in god with utter faith. That is from where I get strength to stand 🙂

Take a look at it as and when you find time Neeli 🙂


flipping over the page and its another year….

flipping over the page and its yet another year,Completing two years of being an IT professional. None less than an achievement. So many things changed projects,people around, technology,and the organization I worked with as well. And I mark it again for myself – there is still a long way to go. A lot more to be achieved,lot more to be looked for,a lot more to dream about,and a lot more to come… Gonna keep Dreaming the “I-Am-Possible”…

“Roothe khaabon ko mana lenge
Kati patango ko thaamenge
Haa haa hai jazba
Ho ho hai jazba
Suljha lenge uljhe rishton ka manjha
Hmm ka manjha, hmm ka manjha…

Soyi taqdeere jaga denge
Kal ko ambar jhuka denge
Haa haa, hai jazba
Ho ho, hai jazba……”


when wordpress says – Happy Anniversary..! :)

So it’s a complete year now.. 🙂 You log in and WordPress greets you saying “Happy Anniversary” . It was a pleasant surprise as the date was out of my memory. Well I didn’t even realize that my writing journey has come this far.

I am not sure about the quality of the content that I post here,if i really can meet the reader’s expectations, whether they feel that the posts are worth the time they spend for reading, if the english that I use really makes sense grammatically ,structurally, as I am still learning this language,I am not a convent student and all my schooling is from my regional language. To be honest I am being selfish when its to blogging. I write most of the times because I feel better when I do it. I appreciate the patience and kindness of all my regular readers especially as they take upon whatever I attempt to write, for the appreciation and the consistent support.

Today when I took time to look back and summarize what this journey has given me, first and foremost thing is – platform where I can scribble whatever and whenever I want to. WordPress is more of my friend now. It is always there when I want it to be. It never throws tantrums, it never ever says its busy and can’t attend me when I so need to be attended. Dont get me wrong, I don’t want to complain about any body here, it’s just the fact that I am putting down.

The other thing is,it helping me to learn the beauty of this language “English”. I don’t have phobia/fear for this particular language but definitely it was not my home ground. I can feel the closeness to it for a greater extent than before now.

Observation is the another important facet of what blogging has given me. Yes I have and I am learning to observe the things closely.In way that is adding to my what we call as creativity. It makes me think of everything around as thought on mind keeps saying, can we write something about it. I know there is still a long way to go.

It is enhancing my reading spectrum,and helping in having my own opinion about everything I read/hear/watch. I no more blindly take upon what others are saying,for everything I end up asking myself what do I think about it. So I no more blindly follow any one.

Well these are the major things I can think of and summarize. I promise myself and you wonderful readers out there that I would try to be more consistent in the effort of improving the quality of the things I post here.

Thank you once again for the support and wish  “an Anniversary to me”… 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge:Happy

Giving it a try for very first time :  Weekly Photo Challenge. Loved the theme – Happy

The first thing that I could think of is coffee, may be because I am having it right now. Yes it makes me feel happy and pleasant.

As you people know,this i-thing has brought happiness to me.

The sea and the shore is the treasure of the happiness.

Xperia is a bit of happiness for Supriya.. 🙂
as it never ever leaves her alone.

Well these were all materialistic things that are part of my happiness. In literal sense happiness for me is to see beyond imperfections. It in its purest form when we can see and feel it in the smallest thing around. For me those small things are as simple as


1) Getting down from 9th to ground floor in a single go,lift without stopping anywhere in between.

2)To wake and realize that I can enjoy the luxury of sleeping for 5-10 minutes more.

3)To finish the dinner without making a note of it to myself that I have to finish it.

4)When mom picks up the call in a single ring as if she is aware that I am gonna ring up(yeah telepathy it is between me and her).

5)Call/text from bestest friend at the very time when thought on the mind says : its been   long that we didn’t get the chance to talk.

6)When the roomy compliments with the her eyes half closed of sleep that you are looking good today. (It makes me feel as if she has woken up just to compliment me 😉 )

7)When someone rings up to say that I am being remembered just like that.

8)To tune to FM and to surprise as its the my favorite song that is being played.

9)To see dad with the wet eyes of happiness.(Its one of those times when I am at the pick of being happy)

10)When niece makes her mom give me a call to ask when I am  going to visit her.

11)To hold the ragoli in hand after long time and to realize that I can still  make it.

The list can simply keep growing. List out people and you will realize that “The True and Pure Happiness” lies in small and unnoticed things around.

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