Its all about thats on my mind…….


On my mind

see you soon…

It is just a few miles that I am away from you, my mind wonders for your where-bouts each passing moment. I know there is nothing to worry about and you are in the safest possible hands when I am not around, perhaps that doesn’t stop me from thinking about you.

Though you cannot speak yet, when I hear about some signs that you show as the evening approaches to show that you are missing me, it runs chill down my spine ūüė¶ . I constantly fear for your reaction when you would be of age to understand that I had to leave home for long 10 hours right from the time when you could hardly recognize any one around but me.I hope you would understand how difficult it was/is/will be for my fickle heart to stay away from you.

Mumma will see you soon my little chiu chiu…!


note to self..!

Its a high time that I should get back on the routine. Well by routine I mean “back doing things that I love doing”, otherwise its pretty much a routine that I so desperately want to break out from. It may sound stupid or may be like I am talking infinite loops, but if it so, so be it. Listing is down while I remind myself to get back to all this…
1) Get back to reading habit ASAP
2) Blog regularly, be it be just a lines or two. Do it no matter what.
3)Get the guitar tuned whichever way possible.
4) Prey daily.
5) Whatever is supposed go wrong, is going to go wrong, stop worrying.
6) Get back to the old friends, being married cannot be excuse for losing contacts, you cannot afford it.!
7)Start studying as I have a assessment to complete in the year half  which already has a month passed.
8)Learn to have better control on temper.

I hope I will be able to keep up with all that is listed above.
Till the next time,
Its me
Yours truly

life… Is changed for now and for ever…!

Yes it has changed for now and for ever….! For good or bad, better or worse , change is inevitable. I have my share of hiccups for this biggest so far change and the husband is only hope,support, love and every possible thing. He is the only thing that has not changed. It takes me while to recognize that people are talking about “Him”, addressing him as my “Husband” as for me nothing has changed in him. I wonder and even envy him for the ease that he has to accept and live with it all. Or should say things are not changed for him to the extent they are changed, changing and will continue to be so for me? Well I am not sure if it is so. I feel kind of lost these days, cannot find “The Me time or The him time”. Looking forward to settle down quickly…!

uncertanity – the part and parcel

This pace is damn continuous. One cannot simply block the other side and concentrate the one that seems comparatively more important. They say “Life is what happens to you when you are busy planning other things” and probably this the #fact. You are so busy planning the carrier and lining up the ladders to be climbed to reach the heights of dream as a part of profession and it the question rings out loud,what about the other part of the coin? the personal life? And no, you cannot aline these things one after the other as certain things wont make sense if we are to do them when we think we have time for them.

Definitely we dont want to stop being someone’s friend just because we are not finding time to be so. I know how it feels when someone you so want to talk to answers saying he/she cannot give you time right then you need it and now I realize it hurts even more to say so. How I wish to have 48 hours a day and then possibly I could satisfy my self and everyone around.

Same story continuous to be with being a daughter. Probably you people have guessed it already. Yeah wedding bells are ringing around. It is not that my parents don’t understand my passion for my profession and my those beloved dreams. But then as I said they too have got point, I cannot keep personal life’s progressions on hold while excelling with professional life. I can see them equally excited when I talk about my visa dreams and for the all new search they are planning to start off for me. I am not sure what is really going to come first. And somehow if you people are to ask me what I wish to come first, I am so very confused ūüė¶ . Both the things so uncertain that I don’t see point in keeping any one of them on hold for the other. Interesting phase of life, aint it?

Well will keep you people updated of the progress. May be I am leaving the post open-ended for yet another time, but this all what I have to put down for now.


Sapno Se Bhare Naina
To Neend Hai Na Chaina

Aise Dagar Koi Agar Jo Apnaye
Har Raah Ke Woh Anat Pe
Rasta Hi Paaye

Dhoop Ka Rasta Jo Pair Jalaye
Mod To Aaye Chaau Na Aaye
Raahi Jo Chalta Hai Chalta Hi Jaaye
Koi Nahi Hai Jo Kahin Use Samjhaye

Sapno Se Bhare Naina
To Neend Hai Na Chaina….

Its me,

yours truly…



dreams and memories…!

Dreams versus memories? What if both mean a lot to you? Is not the choice difficult? or it is in a way that very straight forward and I am the only confused sole to make the choice????¬† What if memories are the golden moments of your life time and you cherish¬† them like any thing in the world? What if when your heart is quiet sure that it can happily spend the life time with memories? What if memories are not the mere strings to cut down but are engraved on your heart and mind? Well well well and on the other side are your own passionate dreams. Dreams that are not letting you sleep. And life is offering you a single thing to chose……………….!

I am a person of emotions, and I count on memories as life time possession. I have memories attached not only with living beings but even with the non-living things I own. It really gets on my nerves when it comes to replacing them with the other once or even the new once. Why is it this difficult? Or is it again I am only one on this boat? Good byes were never easy for me nor they are so even in the present. True that lingering on the things more than necessary hurts,but how do we get over this habit? What is that, that will help me keep myself from getting into things so much? Any mystic idea? If yes,Please help me with that…!

And now when I let my mind speak upon what my dreams mean to me, as expected it has zillion to things to say. They are key drivers for the journey of life, aren’t they? I enjoy the thrill of frantically chasing them till the become reality. They form strings for the web of golden memories to be woven as they become reality one day. Aww and now I realize there cannot be anything like Memories Versus Dreams … They kind of go one after the other… If it all it comes to choosing either of them, well then we surely need adroit acumen for dealing with our own inner selves…..

Waiting for you people to let it out here whatever that you have for memories on one and dreams on the other hand…..! ūüôā

have a blessed day…!

Sometimes best thing you can do is –

Not think

Not wonder

Not imagine

Not obesess

Just breath and

have faith that

Everything will work out for the BEST…!

possesiveness exlpored….!

Possessive¬†– how often we get it for the things and the beings? If it’s for the beings, is it the matter of feeling good about or a +1 to bindings?

To me it‚Äôs a thing to feel good about. I happened to get into a discussion or the deep dive session you may call, on what being possessive¬†meant to us. First thing to feel good about the discussion was it remained the discussion till the last moment and didn’t¬†turn into the debate as it is what happens¬†to discussions¬†between us almost every time. And I could finally make my point and at least¬†made the opponent to rethink about her perception about this thing.

We often make the views for things and look upon it with the same prejudiced¬†vision¬†every time¬†we are to get across it. I find the possessive¬†to be a sign of being involved with the person, there is the immense¬†care under the carpet of what it appears to be possessive-ness. Of course if one is extravagant, then it’s not¬†easy to take up. But here as well there is scope that we can get to the roots of what is making someone to feel possessive that badly and there by avoid the causes to the possible extent.

Sometimes the solutions are that simple but we can’t see them if we try to look for them with the same angle as that of the problem. Probably problem and solutions are the two side of coin and if we can flip the side of the coin, we are at the destination – the solution, aint it?

Well that is it for now, I am not able to line up the things here further. To be continued after a pause…..


cheers to the celebration of being you…!!

The celebration fo YOU being YOU..the real,wonderful YOU….

However the world treats you,cheat you or try to distract you from you,hold on and be the YOU.Theres the eternal joy,the peace in being the YOU,you are. If we are to take life as a role play,no one else can play your role better than YOU.

Dont say you are not important,

that simply isn’t true;

the fact that you are born,

is a proof that god has a plan for you…!!

Path may seem unclear right now,but one day you will see,

whatever has come before you was really meant to be…!!

Each day you are living was written log ago,

God only writes best sellers,

so be proud of who you are…!!

Your character is important,

in this book of life you are the STAR…!!!

need a sip of it – The motivation…

“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.”
‚Äē J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

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