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She was as simple as a girl next door,but her aspirations were no common.She had striven hard and believed in striving hard to get what she wanted to have.She believed in running her own race.She had grown under the safest place,under her parents wings for long 20 years of her age and the day comes when she had to fly trusting her own wings,without support of those caring wings.She took it as challenge and dared to fly.She being that courageous.Every one around wondered about her fly,may be no one expected it from her.

She landed into a new world,pretending to be bold but scared inside.She was aware things can easily scare her,so being her intrinsic nature. She was just appreciated all the ways from every one around for the guts she showed and dared to fly.

Over the time  she got used with the new predicament.She got the confidence to face the world alone and to stand on her own.She was rejoicing the company of new “SHE”,she was developing in to.  There was feeling of accomplishment that was getting into her.There were just a few more things on her wish list.Life seemed all fair towards her for the world.

Out of no where something started making her feel uneasy and lost.Was that she had almost what she wanted making her feel lost?Was that the feeling of accomplishment that was making her feel empty.LOST she is….!!! she has this phase in her life for the very first time.Prior to this she made sure to line up things to go for every time she reached the milestone.She is unaware of this phase,she just do not know how to get out of it…..

Wish the turmoil to settle down soon for her….wish her life back to her….!!Amen…..!


the growing up-part continued…

The continued part of it is not giving up,it is called growing up

So it is not giving up, it is growing up..!!! When we prefer to say you be what you are and I will be what I am rather than arguing/rigorously discussing to converge on an opinion on the point that is tossed,growing up it is..!!!aint it?

May be at times there simply can’t be one single right side for the situation. Righteousness varies with the role that we are in play at that point of time, righteousness being the subjective term.We learn/prefer to surrender than to win the points in the arguments because we value the relation/person more is how we grow up.We surrender doesn’t mean we have given up on our point,it means we respect the other person’s perspective too,we by the other side of coin too….I have realized it takes really long to grow up to the extent to of getting into the someone else’s shoe to understand his/her perspective.I cannt still do it to the level I want to,I am yet to grow up to that extent.Growing up is the kind o’ journey rather than the destination – a continuous process.

This office thing is turning to be catalyst in my process of growing up..The Boss is always right thing has made me learn to keep quiet and in turn accept what it is,which I couldn’t have at all accepted of course if I could have had the chance…. 😉 To be frank it is not that I value the perspectives or respect this relation/person but then it is the way it is… #fact,no matter I like it or I dont.The way things are overridden used to hurt me like anything,but now I can cope with it without hurting myself, again growing up it is I guess…

To give upon the things for the sake of goodness can be growing up, but at the same time we cannot accept loosing everywhere and claim that we are growing up.One must hold on where it so needed.Giving up is no way acceptable everywhere…

 I have enjoyed tangling around giving/growing up…. 🙂 So to conclude I would say

To grow up is –

to let go

to make peace

to accept

to see beyond right/wrong…………..

some questions are best left un-answered……

If the beauty,the feel lies in the question,personally I feel there’s no point in digging to the roots of it and getting an answers.Some questions are better un-answered,rather I would say some questions are best un-asked and some words are bestest un-said.

I am a kind of girl who prefers to have the clear picture of everything on hand,but then now a days I am realising,it is good that somethings are not clear at times.Or may be even if they are clear,it’s better not to indulge in the more clarifying discussions on them.I never knew before that the beauty lies in the uncleared/unanswered questions as well.It is indeed more important that you rejoice the feel rather than snatching your head with the questions like – how long the thing will persist?will I ever get to feel the same thing again?will I get to live the same moment again?what this feeling/thing will lead me to?what does it actually means?and the list continued with infinitely many of the similar types.

Why do we need answers to them when we know we are feeling good for the situation and the things that are in place?Cannt we simply continue living with them?Is it necessary to count every single thing we do or think of in terms of right or wrong?Isnt it ok not be right sometimes?Openion peresonified -: It is absolutely ok to go wrong at times.It is ok not to be perfect all the times.Theres no point in suppressing the real you just for the fear that,if you be what you are and express the way you think/feel the things in front of others  will lead you to some situation that you even don’t want to imagine.When we know it well that,we even don’t want to imagin that situation,why do we even let that thought take a place in our mind?

Leave your questions at the blue bay,vent out the fears for a while.Be the REAL YOU and live the beautiful moment.Its the phenomenal feel.Things that are before us are meant to be so only.Theres no point sometimes in figuring out righteousness of them.If its meant to be wrong,it is going to continue to be so and you are in no way control of it.You cannt get the right answers for the wrong questions or if the thing being questioned about itself is wrong in a place.Sometines it takes a wrong to set the things right,so no worries about being wrong.

So stop the question/answer sessions at times.It is ok to be wrong,atleast for the change of being right all the times. 😉

I have enjoyed tangling with words a lot for this post.Ahh I have never felt this joy before.And will I get…???No questionssssssss…..Just the feel continued…………… 🙂

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