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May 2012

collage—–penning down the mind….

I just so want to write something.Mind is full of so many thoughts and I am not able to line them up to put down under a single meaningful title. How if title this as “Collage”?? I guess its the apt title for the post.Collage is the word that can perfectly describe state of mind. normally though collage is made of so many different things as a whole it represents somethings beautiful/meaningful,wish post turns at least somewhere close to it.Here I go….

When people have abnormality as a normal living style,i feel there is always that strong reason behind it.No one likes to become famous as rude porsonality.May be the experiences that one gets in the journey of life somehow makes one change  the out look to such an extent.I have seen people hiding the goodness inside,building strong walls around the good and true heart for simply not letting any one to break it and get inside.Does it really help to get  what they want?Well I have no answer…….

I am seeing people so happy with the life.I wonder what is the thing that they have and makes them to live a content life.Cotentment to an extent that others can experience it without that person speaking it out.May be all such people have realised the secrets of happy living i.e. they dont look out for the happiness out side.They know it’s within them.I have seen them enjoying long working hours,work pressures and many similar things.I feel life takes a note of it and gives such people more chances to be happy/to smile than to complain and to be sad as they are ready to take up all that is coming there way.They carry this happiness attitude with such an ease that as if they havent ever seen the other side of coin. To be honest I envy people with this attitude and I am trying hard inculcate the same : “The Happiness Attitude”…

I like listening Marathi songs made for kids especially by Salil Kulkarni.He is one of the famous Marathi singers. The speciality of his songs is that they touch some harsh facts of life in the innocent perspective of a kid.The two of my favorites out of his so many albums are  : “Damlelya babach kahani” – which means a Story of tired father – song about a father and daughter relationship and the second one is just released is a story of a mother and a son.First song describes every facet of a father and daughter realtionship.How a father feels when he can’t keep the promise of getting home early,how he feels when he can’t make her sleep telling her a fairy tale  that she likes.Father is so worried that busy schedules may make him skip moments from her childhood and his feeling is if he is missing it somehow he is missing something which can never be returned.I can very well feel myself in the song.I am seeing my strict and strong dad getting softer.We all have seen our mothers with the wet eyes but it’s hardly the case with fathers.Father in the song says humbly to her daughter that even he cries like her mother for her but in secret.For the time I was home,I have witnessed the strong side of my dad and wondered at times about how some one can be this stong and now when I stay away from him I can see the other/the softer side of him.I have seen him stand like a strong mountain even in the most difficult situations but I realise now that this mountain is of ice and it melts when it comes to his daughters.Its very hard to see him with the wet eyes.It leaves me speechless.Reason behind this para of the post is that the track is right away on my ear phones…I miss my dad so much…

The second song I mentioned about is a son-mother relationship.Story of the song is son leaves from home and goes to his friend’s home as his mother is not allowing him to play and father is not there in the home to help him out.As day turns to-night he wants to be back but kids even have their own ego.So the kid in the song is trying to connivence his mom that I want to be home not because I am missing you but because I am worried that you are all alone in the home and I know you are easily scared.And what mother answers to it just wonderful.It brings goosebums…She answers saying,I don’t about the days to come how and where you will be,when its possible today,I want you to be there in my arms.  I  miss my mom too….

I am not sure even I should post this post or not,there is hardly any relation between the consecutive paragraphs…But then who cares, following the heart and posting it…


raising from the ashes….

Phoenix raises from the ashes,phoenix is raising from the ashes.In the past few months I have experienced a series of unfortunate and misleading events.I have experienced the proverb “It never rains,it pours” to its fullest.It was like I got up every morning of this period just to experience even more emptiness than a day before.Efforts to control the situation and if cannot be controlled,then to at least hold where it is were all in-vain.It is acceptable that we don’t have control over what others do to us,but things were wrong even where I was the only person to make them happen or correct them.May be things happen in their own time. 

I am glad that I have proved myself to me again.I belive in running my own race and there by strive to be better self than what I was yesterday.Today when I ask myself what this period has given me,to my surprise there are so many good things that are there as result of the hard time.I have been growing stronger and wiser too.We really don’t know how strong we are untill getting stronger is the only option that we have.Life seems so similar to school,it teaches us so many things in so many ways,except with the difference that it takes the exam first and then teaches a lesson where the scene is vice versa in the school.

Clouds do part.And they have started parting for me.Touchwood…Support is what I was badly in need of and I have got it from almost about everyone I expected from and from out of nowhere from those whom I hardly know.I have experienced that when you trust the God with all faith he never lets you down,either he will catch you or will teach you to fly.

Every tunnel has it end with the bright light.Though I am yet not able to see the light yet,I live with faith that tunnel is about to end,leading me to the bright light.The new beginning is already on its way.Hope to get a chance to write about the light/the brighter side really really soon.

signing off with “Ummidowali dhoop…sunshine wali aasha…”. 

May be its just the another advertisement to all,but it talks to me in a special way…

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