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December 2011

blessed to have them around…..

Its the heavenly feeling to know that you have people around who trust you the same and simply don’t change even a percent of it over the ages.I feel so blessed to have at least few such people around me.These are the ones who believe in me even in the phase where some-where down the line I have ceased believing myself.

Time is making me learn that may be the percentage of good may vary over percentage of bad that we have around,but still there are good things,good people around and they persist……I am learning all these facts at the cost of time.May be this was only way for me to make my self accept these things,as even after telling in thousand different ways and for n number times I was not able to take it up….And when I am saying I was not able to take it up—-simply means I am now able to do it… ūüôā Happy for own self……

“Every situation that doesn’t kill you,makes you strong”-one liner I have been through and find it to be 100 % true.I should be thankful to all these situations and all those people for being the reason for molding me in to the stronger version of myself……

Getting back to the¬† optimistic me…..

“Yeh hosala kaise jhuke

yeh aarzu kaise ruke,

manjhil mushkil to kya,

dhundala sahil to kya,

tanaha ye dil to kya………”


in need of patience……

Patience-that is what all I need to make it through this state of mind.I should let the time have time to bring the life to its original pace.

I cannot figure out if it’s really¬†true to say “We are the creators¬†of our own destiny” and to what extent really the destiny responsible¬†for the things happening around.I was the one with strong¬†belief that no thing such as destiny even exits in the world,what all that¬†happens is the result of our own deeds.But¬†when¬†situations run out of your hands with the blink of¬†eye and that too for no or some beyond logic reasons what do you call it??DESTINY???I have no answer……Should we surrender to situation¬†in such a case or still keep hoping to get something positive out of it as well???I am clueless…..¬†

Irrespective¬†of all the mess around,I believe if it’s the¬†darkness that is surrounding you from all the sides,somewhere very near light is awaiting for you,and so I don’t want to give it up.I am praying for some more patience to make it to that light…….I want to be the same me,the one I used to be¬†– dazzled with the passion,ambitions and confidence all the time…..

The new rise,the brighter side,the sun shine is desperately awaited……Fingures crossed…Hoping for the BEST…..

inner struggle

I find it to be the most difficult struggle type – the inner struggle.¬†I feel¬†like its way easy to fight with the whole world compared to fighting(struggling) with your own self. I am in short of words for expressing what exactly I am feeling for now.Simply cannot figure out are the things really that difficult or I am making them so………. I guess its time for me to take lion steps,i.e. move back¬†a step to go for¬†the long one.

I am struggling on the way back to be my own self.Feels like¬†lost……..Life is so¬†filled with uncertainties and there by cannot see the path to lead to¬†make a new start.I wish life could have had at least reverse n resume¬†buttons.I am stuck,I am paused……I am all surrounded with a hell lot big ‘Whys’ and not¬†a single is answerable and the worst part is I am not even able to stop questioning.I want all it to end,I want a full stop for this.

Wish me patience and strength…I hope rather I wish I would be able to count this period in those difficult ones which I have made through and feel proud about as they all made me prove myself again and I did………..


This is my very first blogging experience.I had been through some very interesting and inspiring blogs in the recent past and all those are my inspiration to start writing. I don’t know how well I am at writing,but its said it appeals when it is straight a way from your heart.And even more than appealing to someone else I feel writing things will help me feel better.

Signing off for the very first post……….And it really made me feel better…….Hoping for the same experience every time I write……….

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