Sacrifice –

Such a meaningful and worthy deed this word stands for. Does it really fit all the contexts,causes and cases it used in? If you ask me the honest answer to the question is a big NO..!
I just feel if you are mentioning something to someone as a sacrifice you did, word and deed looses its meaning right there. These days u find this word being used just to decorate the deeds so that they appear as act of selflessness very well hiding the purpose under hood. Post it here if you think otherwise.
Sacrifices are to be realised and not something that should be marked explicitly for others to take a note of it.
Well that is all pretty much ideal and sunn


day scenario.
Reality however is if you keep sacrificing without making any noise about it, be ready to be taken for granted that you would keep doing this act of goodness no matter how things and people around change. When it’s to me taking over it, I am not the person who can stand this taken for granted thing. I value people and their good gestures and expect it in return , if not 100% , to a certain extent, absolutely.
So now if someone comes and tells me upfront that I never do what sacrifice is ,the blunt answer would be, I know what it is that is why I don’t quote this word make my selfish deeds look gorgeous. And if you are to ask me details of the sacrifice I did, well this question is never going to get an answer as I don’t want my deed to loose its meaning šŸ™‚
I know this post is more of self talk and is all  in circles. šŸ˜‰ just trying to get some pace on writing scribbling, so please bare with me šŸ™‚