Days and months have passed now that I have visited this place. The reason being a long list : not finding time even to sit in front of this m/c( I so badly miss my laptop) office has banned WordPress so no matter how much time I spent with that laptop, scribbling here is next to impossible. And most important reason being I am suffering from a writers block. I don’t literally call my self a writer but okay so lets call it a scribblers block. A good old friend just like a elder sister reminded me yesterday of this space and insisted me to pen down at least something and so I am here.

As title suggest I cannot think of any  thing in specific to jot down. Cook, go to office, come back, cook , eat,sleep and call it a DAY this is what is life of yours truly these day. I don’t feel like doing any single thing these days. So its kind of block of everything is my  life. A pile of books looks at me whenever I pip into that shelf and I close the door of it without giving a more seconds glance. Guitar hanging on the wall is there for ages now. I haven’t bothered to get it down/tuned for a year or so now. I don’t write, needn’t even mention . I so want to move out of this office space, and what I do to make it reality is nothing. People who really care keep me chasing . and I move a little with those immense efforts. I don’t know what it is and where I am leading with this. If I am to ask for a change I even don’t know what kind of change or break I am looking for. I don’t even feel like talking to people around. What all I do in the free while  I get is gaze at the mobile screen, play a stupid game on it..!

That is all what I have for now, what’s up their guys? How you all are keeping?