Stroll –
I am still catching up with the missed prompts, so here’s the one of them- Stroll.
We had the one last sundya. It was 30 minutes or so and what I learned from the husband in those 30 minutes stroll is SWOT (Strength-Weakness-Opportunities+Threat) analysis. Strolls with husbands have been always productive as that is most quality time we offer each other. Routine doesn’t allow us to have strolls really often, but whenever we have it, it helps to have a really good thought exchange.
Strolls have been always a thought exchange medium for me not only just with husband but even with my parents.
I remember the strolls during summer with them post dinner and that special coffee or an ice cream that we ended it with. I have had strolls all alone as well with ears plugged in with earphones playing what i love to hear and this offered me the often needed “ME” time.
Yet another stroll that  I clearly remember is on the beach with a bestest friend M. Moon light and beach and you best friend along side. I remember we talked about life plans,future, philosophy and what not. We didn’t get this time at all after that, we owe each other it M, let’s plan on it.
Well there’s nothing more to stroll that I can think of this moment, so this is it..!