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possesiveness exlpored….!

Possessive – how often we get it for the things and the beings? If it’s for the beings, is it the matter of feeling good about or a +1 to bindings?

To me it’s a thing to feel good about. I happened to get into a discussion or the deep dive session you may call, on what being possessive meant to us. First thing to feel good about the discussion was it remained the discussion till the last moment and didn’t turn into the debate as it is what happens to discussions between us almost every time. And I could finally make my point and at least made the opponent to rethink about her perception about this thing.

We often make the views for things and look upon it with the same prejudiced vision every time we are to get across it. I find the possessive to be a sign of being involved with the person, there is the immense care under the carpet of what it appears to be possessive-ness. Of course if one is extravagant, then it’s not easy to take up. But here as well there is scope that we can get to the roots of what is making someone to feel possessive that badly and there by avoid the causes to the possible extent.

Sometimes the solutions are that simple but we can’t see them if we try to look for them with the same angle as that of the problem. Probably problem and solutions are the two side of coin and if we can flip the side of the coin, we are at the destination – the solution, aint it?

Well that is it for now, I am not able to line up the things here further. To be continued after a pause…..



She was as simple as a girl next door,but her aspirations were no common.She had striven hard and believed in striving hard to get what she wanted to have.She believed in running her own race.She had grown under the safest place,under her parents wings for long 20 years of her age and the day comes when she had to fly trusting her own wings,without support of those caring wings.She took it as challenge and dared to fly.She being that courageous.Every one around wondered about her fly,may be no one expected it from her.

She landed into a new world,pretending to be bold but scared inside.She was aware things can easily scare her,so being her intrinsic nature. She was just appreciated all the ways from every one around for the guts she showed and dared to fly.

Over the time  she got used with the new predicament.She got the confidence to face the world alone and to stand on her own.She was rejoicing the company of new “SHE”,she was developing in to.  There was feeling of accomplishment that was getting into her.There were just a few more things on her wish list.Life seemed all fair towards her for the world.

Out of no where something started making her feel uneasy and lost.Was that she had almost what she wanted making her feel lost?Was that the feeling of accomplishment that was making her feel empty.LOST she is….!!! she has this phase in her life for the very first time.Prior to this she made sure to line up things to go for every time she reached the milestone.She is unaware of this phase,she just do not know how to get out of it…..

Wish the turmoil to settle down soon for her….wish her life back to her….!!Amen…..!

and sometimes the logical reason is – there is no logical reason…

Things just happen like that.Sometimes there is absolutely no logical reason for certain things that happened in that particular way.May be it the same case with both sides of coin-good as well as bad.And matter of the fact is we don’t think of such things when it’s all good around.

I had very aggressive discussion around the same topic with some of my friends last night.I was the one to beat the point – “it’s just bad that is surrounding us”.It is ok to feel or comment so for time being,but its next to impossible to survive if one is to live with this conception life long.I am spell bound to express the level of negativity I saw.To be honest at this point of time even I am not able to completely take it up with what title says,but it is even true that for some facts,it hardly matters whether you agree with them or not.

It’s still the gloominess that is surrounding me,and so I was not here for long.I wanted to come up with something positive to pen down for this time,and I have.At-least I felt like beating the negative points and make some positive ones.The other positive thing that happened is,finally procrastination-that is what I was doing for past couple of months for every thing on the way,is taking a pause now.This pause was really really awaited.And even more desperately awaited is the pause rather the full stop for this gloominess.Hope is what all I have.I guess it will not be exaggerating if I say I am mastering the art of hoping……

Signing off with the promise to my gloomy soul to come up with something more positive next time I come here……….

dear brain could you please stop thinking????

I don’t know how it works in the super fast mode and drives me impatient where holding on for just a couple of moments may help to stay away from being worried and breath normal.No but it turns out to be devil and drains the positive thought(well if I have any at that moment) like any thing. 

To pen down a simple incidence that I come across 5 days a week,waiting for the cab pick-up.I very well know it’s the daily scheduled thing and may be if some how it is missed someday it doesnt mean it will happen every day.I just can’t hold even a minute more if it passes the regular time.Argh… how do I get rid of it??My mind thinks of every impossible possibility about certain things happening.

What will happen if it goes this ways? and what if it goes that ways?and if not this way then what way?and what if it doesn’t happen at all?and something even after it went the way it was supposed to be and what not….list is never-ending.

I know empty mind is a devils shop,but what would you call it if it manages to think of 100s of the things even when you are really busy with work on hands??And wait a moment if you are jumping to dedication,concentration things.I dont deny the fact it surely gives a little drift from the work that is being done but then it isn’t to that extent,so that you will be able to figure out its ill effects on work.

Does it happen to any one else?or it happens with every one?or Am I only weird like that? And here goes the other example…In a fraction of second its filling the space. What do you I do of this un-ending thought process?The infinite loop……

Do we really need to think of so many things?Does really it help?Help out people let me know how do you manage it………

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