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January 2012

fall down seven times and get up eight….

It’s all about getting up every time you fall.And even more than just falling and getting up – for me,the hight from which you fall is a concern .You get to see the deepest level you can reach to when you fall that hard and from that great hight.The more hard we fall more are the chances that it will bounce us back even more high than we were orignally.We know to bounce back is not that easy especially when the fall is that deep,but it isn’t impossible as well.Just need to keep our selves like a bouncing ball……Give it a bestest possible try and just bounce back that hard…

That is all what is on mind right away…..


dear brain could you please stop thinking????

I don’t know how it works in the super fast mode and drives me impatient where holding on for just a couple of moments may help to stay away from being worried and breath normal.No but it turns out to be devil and drains the positive thought(well if I have any at that moment) like any thing. 

To pen down a simple incidence that I come across 5 days a week,waiting for the cab pick-up.I very well know it’s the daily scheduled thing and may be if some how it is missed someday it doesnt mean it will happen every day.I just can’t hold even a minute more if it passes the regular time.Argh… how do I get rid of it??My mind thinks of every impossible possibility about certain things happening.

What will happen if it goes this ways? and what if it goes that ways?and if not this way then what way?and what if it doesn’t happen at all?and something even after it went the way it was supposed to be and what not….list is never-ending.

I know empty mind is a devils shop,but what would you call it if it manages to think of 100s of the things even when you are really busy with work on hands??And wait a moment if you are jumping to dedication,concentration things.I dont deny the fact it surely gives a little drift from the work that is being done but then it isn’t to that extent,so that you will be able to figure out its ill effects on work.

Does it happen to any one else?or it happens with every one?or Am I only weird like that? And here goes the other example…In a fraction of second its filling the space. What do you I do of this un-ending thought process?The infinite loop……

Do we really need to think of so many things?Does really it help?Help out people let me know how do you manage it………

Coffee time…

Coffee time it is..!and I am here on the desk reason-wending machine is not in the mood today,Coffee why you no there…??

I admit I am almost addicted to coffee.I just love having it.It turns me on.Its aroma refreshes the mood.Coffee is making me text in the working huors.Well to mention its friday today and the office is already in the weekend feeling from starting hours.

I clearly remember times at home where mommy used to keep it perfectly ready for me just at the time I would feel like having it.I dont know how she used to guess that timing so perfect,she is just perfect.No coffee shop in the world can give the coffee that tastes like what she prepares.

How ever tried,board I am,a cup of coffee brings me back.And its not only about the hot coffee that I am fond of,I equally love having cold coffee.Teasting all the available flavors on the menu card of a coffee shop is turning to be my new hobby.And no matter how best coffee and flavors are available-Ness Cafe remains the first love.

Its driving me crazy now,I guess to check out if the machine is back…. story to be continued…… 😉

random thought….

Mastering our own mind is no way easy task.You tell it to ignore a thought or a thing for billion times and on the very next moment you finish telling ,you’ll find your mind dwelling on the same thing. I am not sure if it’s the same case with every one,but it happens with me.More I try to hold it,with the double force it bounces back.

You tell yourself to accept a thing,you convince your mind all the ways,and it very well agrees to do it for that moment and out of nowhere it goes back to step zero – refusing to accept any thing,leaving all your efforts inven.I wonder from where it gets that backward push and how come it’s that powerful???….

Ahhh I never knew before that it is that difficult.But well though it is difficult it isn’t impossible right??and so I want to hit it,so I want to learn the art of mastering mind…..

and 2012 is here…..

1st Jan 2012…May be for the first time awaited 1st Jan of my life.Last year has been significant in many aspects for my life.It was nothing less than a roller coaster ride.I am sure things I learned in the last year are gonna help me throughout life time.

To list down,following are the things I would like to take a note of while proceeding for the new dawn….

1. Whatever happens or comes before you,is really meant to be so.

2. Only hard times lets us know people those who really mean to our lives and really count.

3. Destiny exists.

4. Life simply goes on.

5. Change – the only constant thing.

6. Time has capacity to heal almost everything – let the time have time.

7. When god asks you to put down something,it is to replace what you had with something better. 

8. Keep hoping…”Ummid pe duniya kayam  hai “…… 

Looking forward for the great year ahead…….

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