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September 2012

possessiveness exlpored – The continued part…!

Following the comments on the –¬† continuing with it : The Possessiveness.

I completely respect the personal space that every one has and demands.The boundary line that can distinguish between the circles of possessiveness and the care is a common tangent to these two circles. Mistake of a half inch and we end up intersecting the circles. And if we are to continue with this intersection overlooked, I bet within no time it’ll cut both the circles in two halves. Here is the time/place where your care is completely taken up by what it appears to be extravagant possessiveness.And it can literary spoil anything and everything. Well drawing the common tangent without intersecting either of the circles in the geometry classes was never this difficult as it in the life. How we wish to have the same expertise in the life as-well as we had in the geometry classes in the school.

The other thing to toss when its to possessiveness is we allow some people to be so for us while some others are fire-walled.Why? No answer….. The fact is there are no reasons for why we feel that connect with some people around and not the same with others in spite of we are getting the same thing out of these two different categories of the people. I understand this is something beyond logic but this is how it is.I admit I am no exception to it. Yes I am just weird like that. I cannot feel the same connect with all people who care the same for me. Perhaps this something we cannot change but we must make sure that we are not taking anyone for granted and there by avoid the intersections,isn’t it?

Just some simple things to be cautious about and then we can enjoy the feeling of being that special for others. This one of the bestest feels of life,I know you people will agree with me on it…! ūüôā


motivation is like bath, we need it daily…!


i was alive when i-Phone 5 was launched…..! :)

12th of Sept 2012, worlds most awaited baby was to let the world get first glimpses of it. Well¬†we knew its nightmare¬†for us to go¬†SF to catch it live, we were happy with engadget’s¬†live blog it self. Nokia Lumia¬†920/820 launch the first live blog¬†I watched¬†couple of¬†weeks back¬†and loved the concept of the live blog.(Mind you people who think girls are not geeks,we are indeed aware of these things..!)It can make you feel right there at the event.May be its the skill of the people/geeks that they make these things go over us. Well well well, getting where I want this post to be, the discussion that I had with the friend about the event,here I go : (Conversations starts with ping on IM before few hours of the event)

I : Hey 12th of sept it is..!

Friend : Yeah, so?

I : How can we forget about The i-Phone Five is to go live…

Friend : Ohhhh¬†yeah, well completely off bit, but give it try to write something like, “I was alive when i-Phone five was launched”.

I : ???? Well can be given a thought, as you have an idea,why don’t you give it a go.?…

Friend : Awww how can I do that?, Its your love baby…. :p

I : You the best gal…! You spared it for me.. ūüėČ

Friend : How Steve Jobs must be feeling in the heaven??Would he be looking at the event from the sky?And how about the gods requesting him to get them the i-Phone?

I :LOLzzzz… And how about opening the i-store right there in the heaven…

(We agree we are completely gone at times… :p ūüėČ )

Friend : Beat that… ūüėÄ

I : How we wish that could happen, and then  we could have got the chance to get one-on-one with god..

We were to go serious after this,so we cut it down and we were to dive in the live blog too.

Though kept the pause on conversation, I was not able to do it for my mind. How great it would have been to get words with the god.Well this topic deserves a seperate post and I dont want to make this post random any more.

And putting an end on the most random scribble ever.

possesiveness exlpored….!

Possessive¬†– how often we get it for the things and the beings? If it’s for the beings, is it the matter of feeling good about or a +1 to bindings?

To me it‚Äôs a thing to feel good about. I happened to get into a discussion or the deep dive session you may call, on what being possessive¬†meant to us. First thing to feel good about the discussion was it remained the discussion till the last moment and didn’t¬†turn into the debate as it is what happens¬†to discussions¬†between us almost every time. And I could finally make my point and at least¬†made the opponent to rethink about her perception about this thing.

We often make the views for things and look upon it with the same prejudiced¬†vision¬†every time¬†we are to get across it. I find the possessive¬†to be a sign of being involved with the person, there is the immense¬†care under the carpet of what it appears to be possessive-ness. Of course if one is extravagant, then it’s not¬†easy to take up. But here as well there is scope that we can get to the roots of what is making someone to feel possessive that badly and there by avoid the causes to the possible extent.

Sometimes the solutions are that simple but we can’t see them if we try to look for them with the same angle as that of the problem. Probably problem and solutions are the two side of coin and if we can flip the side of the coin, we are at the destination – the solution, aint it?

Well that is it for now, I am not able to line up the things here further. To be continued after a pause…..


the serenity re-defined…!

I have visited couple of beaches near the city this rainy season,posted the snaps too.Experience was yet to be put down in the words.May be if I post my personal snaps, they will reveal¬†what all the sea-shore and the surroundings meant to me…

The best of the all the day outs was an hour at the sea-shore¬†at 8 p.m.¬†The place where we visited the shore was a small village, a literal village. No houses built of cement concrete,very less or almost no things automated – neither vehicles,nor the things of daily use. Every¬†house was lit with the small earthen lamps when we were on the way to the shore.It was¬†just a five minutes walk from the place we were staying for that night. It was the scene¬†I saw after ages. I remembered¬†the same sense¬†of evening I have experienced¬†when I was 3-4 yrs old, when my father had posting in what is literary¬†called village. All seemed to serene¬†and perfectly placed.¬†Marvelous was the¬†first site of the sea-shore. Just¬†the moon light-¬†yes only the¬†moon¬†light, there wasn’t even a single artificial light. The blue water to the extent¬†eyes can reach to see and the¬†sound that we could here was the only¬†sound of waves. I can absolutely feel it while penning¬†down as well.¬†I have visited sea-shore¬†couple times before,but site wasn’t ever this beautiful before and I don’t¬†think it will ever be. 8 p.m. may be was pretty late,so¬†we were the only people present there.

We were the¬†group when we reached the shore and¬†were all dispersed as singles within just few minutes.¬†May¬†be¬†everyone had special¬†and the secret message¬†to be shared¬†with the sea and I was no exception to¬†it.¬†¬†I was just in awe to¬†witness its hugeness. Sea was re-defining what serenity meant to me. It made me forget myself and the world around. I don’t¬†know what¬†that¬†feeling¬†was exactly that brought the¬†tears in my eyes. Was it the happiness?the feeling¬†of contentment?was¬†it the sadness?the loneliness? I¬†don’t¬†have answer..I was just feeling it…. I would definitely¬†visit the same shore¬†at the same time when I’ll have that ¬†special someone in my life.No place can be more perfect than this for that special walk.

The feel when the waves touch your feet, the feel when the soil under your feet¬†pull¬†you down as the waves return to the sea. I was wondering about the relation these waves and the sea-shore¬†have. They meet each other for just a moment. Is this “just a moment” sufficient for them to meet and ensure each other of their presence for each other. How do they manage this? Wouldn’t sea-shore¬†any time feel to go and visit the wave¬†rather than wave visiting it every time? What kind of bonding they have? How come wave keeps its promise of visiting the shore every time? Shouldn’t we get the inspiration from these waves and learn to keep the promises? shouldn’t we learn to rise every time fall?¬† How does moon feels to see waves and sea-shore meet? I want someone with me to answer my all questions next time I’ll visit the sea. Sure that I am not gonna visit sea shore¬†alone next time I do. I don’t know how,but I wont alone…..

This was one of those moments of my life when I wanted time to freeze. Well lets see when life offers me my next awaited freezing moment.. Will keep you people posted of it..! ūüôā And that is what I can put in words of the serenity that was re-defined to me… Signing off on the note of prayer that may life bless me with someone like sea who can occupy the void that is there…!

the first i-product I own – happyyy to own it.. :)

Okay so, the i-pod it is…..! May be no big deal for many,but very special¬†to me¬†as it’s the¬†first i-product that i own.

Well I dream to own at least one from each of the i-products range,no matter¬†even¬† if my home turns to be the electronic gadgets gallery… ūüėČ

And that isn’t the only dream I have, I wish to write the technical review at least once in my life time.

Following are the few glimpses of my new baby…!


Just loving it..!

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