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August 2012

dear brain could you please stop thinking????


Re-posting it – Dear brain–Pelase stop thinking…!


dear brain could you please stop thinking????.


I hate it when I so wanna talk and there’s no one in the world on the other side to hear..

I hate it when I so wanna talk and there’s no one in the world on the other side to hear..

There are very rare/few times I want/wish to talk this desperately and the bad thing being every time I want to – there’s no one to hear.I mean why?? People so complain about me being not open to talks,for being introvert and shy,well I am like you people don’t see this side when it’s there..!

Well the situation is – a normal weekend evening. I am pretty sure that it’s not possible to meet any of my dear ones. Phone in front of me looks at me with the hope that I’ll pick it up and I do the same. I start dialing with the sequence of nearest/dearest people and GOSH… Five calls in a row with the answer “Get back to you later”…..For a moment I felt like I am the only person on the earth who has got free time… sigh…..! Just the texting or online chats can’t satisfy my thrust of talking at least at this kind of time and the desperation…!

For the week days I understand that even if we wish we can’t get in touch but for weekends??? Cant we spare even 10 minutes to attend someone who wants us to do that? And the thing that made me feel more worried is – if it’s the situation when it’s hardly a year or two that we have been working,how will it be five years down the line??? No,I don’t even want to imagine that.

You all are the pieces of my life’s puzzle my darling pals,I wont be able to complete this puzzle if I lose even a single piece…I cannt even bear the distance with you people….I know I am being possessive and demanding,but you know I am just like that – headstrong and practical at times and a hopeless emotional f00l at others. Bear with me and please be there…..!!!


“Koi tumase puche kaun hu main –  tum keh dena koi khass nahi,

ek dost hai kachcha- pakka sa,

ek sawal hai aadha suljha sa,

jasbat ke man pe parechae sa,

thoda ajnjan,thoda jana pehchana sa,

jo pas hokar bhi pas nahi,

per usse chupa koi raaj nahi,

koi tumase puche kon hu main, tum keh dena koi khass nahi… ” – Anonymous

cheers to the celebration of being you…!!

The celebration fo YOU being YOU..the real,wonderful YOU….

However the world treats you,cheat you or try to distract you from you,hold on and be the YOU.Theres the eternal joy,the peace in being the YOU,you are. If we are to take life as a role play,no one else can play your role better than YOU.

Dont say you are not important,

that simply isn’t true;

the fact that you are born,

is a proof that god has a plan for you…!!

Path may seem unclear right now,but one day you will see,

whatever has come before you was really meant to be…!!

Each day you are living was written log ago,

God only writes best sellers,

so be proud of who you are…!!

Your character is important,

in this book of life you are the STAR…!!!

need a sip of it – The motivation…

“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.”
J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

please live and let live…!

Bomb blast….!! The word itself is like blast,whatever be the intensity low/high. We are being consoled saying not to panic as they were the low intensity blasts…They were the “BLASTS” and not the thing to be done for the FUN sake. Yes,you people are guessing it right, I am talking about the series of bomb blasts that happened yesterday night in heart of city PUNE. The place is being just at 10 minutes walking distance from where I live. City and the very road was dazzling with lights and colours of festival coming on the next day.I my self was planning to be there to buy the Rakhi for my brothers as we are celebrating “Rakha Bandhan” today.The blast brought back the memories of German bakery blast that happened two years back.

We are yet to get the clarification about if it was a terror attack or not,well my question is what if it was not the terror attack?Is it the thing to feel any good about? If it was meant to not do to do any thing,why the hell it was there at all?Just to have a breaking news? I mean like what? Who ever are behind this,do they mean by the word humanity?do they even know what it is to be HUMAN?If there could have been stores to buy the humanity from, I could I have definitely bought it for these people.Cannt they simply live and let live…?

May be the severity of the situation is not to the extent I am panic but then why should it happen?I can’t even imagine the situation of what, if would have been the destructive blast.It could have taken countless number of lives.I dont know what one can get from the taking the innocent lives.Its not the first time that we – the Indians are facing the situation,but to me the intensity is most today as I have been almost at the scene. I can’t put it down in words what were those 10-15 minutes for me, my brother here and my parents at a far distance from us and for n others like me.And as if what all was there was not enough so the all phone networks were jammed.Simply no means to communicate that we are all fine..!

I am grateful a ton to GOD as there were no major injuries and distruction.And for the people with this destructive mentality and plans – Please ask yourselves at least once as to what taking these lives can give you? Please ask your selves where are we heading by doing this?Please Live and Let Live….!!! You simply have no right to take away our lives/joys from us.If you cannot do any good to us,please stop doing bad…! I know my voice cannot reach to these people even if I scream at the top of my voice. Just wish and pray someday we would get to live the terror free life…!!! Amen…..!!!!

on the road in the rains….girl’s day out – @Dive agar beach #Pune

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