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March 2012

alone with my thoughts this evening….

Evening time…!!!Why does this evening time has a special significance??May be because nature itself has awarded it.Irrespective of the season,evenings are beautiful indeed.I feel the connect with this time.

Have you people ever noticed the son and the moon at the same time in the sky?I have had and sky looks so beautiful at this moment.Evenings are blessed with this beautiful natural phenomenon.Is it that nature conveys some special message with this rare phenomenon?I think it does,though can’t be explained in words what the message is,it can be experienced and felt.

If we are to compare the eveninig with beautiful girl,following lines are perfecto to describe her…

“Chandi jaisa rang hai tera,sone jaise bal….

ek tu hi dhanwan hai gory baki sub kangal……”


I have noticed that flavor of the evening changes with the changing age group.So here are the flavors that I have experienced till the date.. 

Childhood flavor:

I remember the evenings from my childhood when mom used to make us (me and my sis)pray at this very time.And when asked for the reason why we are made pray at this particular time,the answer we used to get was,at this time goddess passes by our home with her blessings,so to be blessed we must do this.This was the flavor of evenings in the chlidhood.It was the most innocent and the pure one.

Teenage flavor:

This one will need to be further categorised as i) evenings from the college time and ii)evenings after the college time

Evenings from the college time

These were the evenings of so many things.For normal days,they were filled of the programming classes and the practicing stuff.For the submission’s time they were of worries.Though worries were there,this is one of the times I cherish memories of.The evening just before your final submissions day.You just sit to see that your code is working fine as at did in the morning.You are happy that,its working fine and feel like going for some finishing touches.And the blast–your code no longer executes.You are left with no option than getting in to it.Evening turns to-night without you noticing it.Though this time made me hold my breaths,I just loved it.Am I missing something very important simultaneous activity done even in this crucial time??ummm oh yeah,”THE TEXTING”.No matter what and how important task you’re doing,texting was like compulsory thing. 

Evenings were never empty these days.Texting is something that was always there.Texting filled were the evenings….Even if there’s nothing to be communicated,forwarded texts were always there.These were the texts saying “hey there’s nothing to say actually,just dropping by to say,you are remembered.This flavor of the evening is just lovely…It brings on the smile whenever remembered 🙂

Evenings after the college

I mean the evenings after joining the office.These are the days when I hardly get to see the evening for week days.So in a week now we have just a couple of evenings….Sad but the fact.I have experienced most happening and most depressing evenings in this flavor.Feeling of being at far distance from home,from my own people ruined the evenings to the extent that it made me think of thoughts like.. “If there could have been no evening at all”……

There were and are the evenings full of joy of being home,shopping and many more happening things….These are the evenings which are making me feel the breeze,feel the sensation of the special timing for no particular reason,as if they are teaching me everything is special if you feel so…..This thing is being something new to me and its awesome the way it is…..

Signing off  on the note of this special feeling on a normal evening……….


merry making time-Comleting “A Year” of being an IT Professional…….

Heres me completing A Year under “IT” tag…..Time has passed so fast.Memories of the days of the hectic training schedule are still so fresh that feels like they are just couple o’ months old.21st MAR 2011,the day when a passionately seen dream got true into the reality.Yes the dreams do come true,one just needs to have that desperate desire.

Re-winding to that day : It all started with the interview process – as it does with everyone else.A click and then you go on proving that nothing succeeds like success.The feeling of being on cloud nine.That special moment when you see the tears of proud,contentment,happiness for you in your parent’s eyes.It was the day when they played a flash back movie of last 21 years of my up bringing,right from the day when they taught me to walk,talk to this day.Though I was not physically present there to witness all this,I could clearly visualise the scene from their voices on the phone.It is a far more to them,than it is to me.It was for the very first time I heard the appreciation from my parents one-on-one.Its not like they weren’t happy with my academic progress till then,but they were always more concerned about showing me the next mile stone to go for.

Off course the road that I am travelling is not as smooth as I  thought of it be.There came the times even in such small span where I was to give it up all.To hold on was really difficult.Its all credited to my parents and my mates who kept my moral high during these harsh passing phases and made me to make it to this day.

I know its just the beginning,there’s a lot more to face,a lot more to dream about,lot more go for and a lot more to achieve……….

Wish me strength and patience for keeping this go on……..

sigining off with…..

Ude, khule aasaman mein khwabon ke parindey
Ude, dil ke jahaan main khaabon ke parinday
Oho, kya pata, jaayenge kahaan
Khule hain jo pal, kahe yeh nazar
Lagta hai ab hai jaage hum
Fiqrein jo thi, peechhe reh gayi
Nikle unse aage hum
Hawa mein beh rahi hai zindagi
Yeh hum se keh rahi hai zindagi
Oho, ab toh, jo bhi ho so ho……………………………….”

 Cheers to me… 🙂

motivation-Something that I need daily…..

me-lapi and that serene feeling

The feeling of getting connected with the my own self.Serene was the feel,beautiful was the silence.After a long time I found the silence beautiful.For the recent past I was not able to cope with this silence even for few minutes.Scared I was for the my connect to me.May be very slowly but life has started getting back to its original pace.

I woke-up early this morning for some reason and had hands on the laptop’s keyboard as I had no other option.Work was supposed to get done by then only.It was a pin drop silence around.I could just feel nothing but the me.Was that I found the lost me…??well I am not sure if its so really.,but I can be sure that now its not so long when I will meet myself.Me back to me…..

The turmoil is settling down.Life is on its way back to a sane mode.Recovering the missing drive on the lapi gave me the feel of recovering missing parts of life.One might find it strange reading but I connect this closely to a non-living thing as well when its mine.And the lapi is always a special concern as it makes forget rest world when I am connected to it.The connect happened after long time and so it was more special.

The morning time and the serene feel reminded me of that everything which I want in my life.Dreams are not all over though sometimes they are broken.My mind is once again dazzeled with the passion,dreams as it used to be…..I know I need to take some efforts to maintain this state of mind and I’ll for sure…Its the serenity and seeds of the new,grand dreams all around…So mystrious is the Mind thing–it broke me in to the pices with its gloominess and now its giving me a hand to re-collect the scattered me with the dreaminess….


The song on my mind for this state of my mind:

Bawara man dekhane chala ek sapana…

bawarese man ki dekho bawari he baaten

bawarisi dhadkane hai bawari hai saasen

bawarisi karwatonse duniya qu bhage

bawarese nain chahe baware jharokose

bawaare najaroko takana

bawara man dekhane chala ek sapana……”

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