Uttar silence around, Arijit sing on the air, my lad is fast a sleep, well what else I can ask for 🙂 

Grabbing this opportunity to vent out all that is up in my head.

Being organised is the first and foremost thing get the hold on. Now that she keeps me on my toes 24 * 7, way too many things are almost out of my grasp. I need to gather thoughts, things around and gear up once and for all.  I need to get some solution to the constant complain of not being paid attention to (you know whom I am talking about) .

Loosing atleast couple of pounds of weight comes next . I would need to join back in month and half (fingers crossed) and I so wish to fit in those old outfits really perfectly. 

Reading, writing takes the next number. I would need some alterations in the way I define and count on it reading. Would need a start with reading NEWS PAPER (I know we don’t call it reading , sigh, this is where I stand 😦 ) 

Brushing up technical skills and technical reading is also constantly on my mind. I need to figure out where and how it can and should be given a start.

I wish/hope my next post would be how I have started on the list above. Till then, oops she has woken up with her eyes wide open. 🙂