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To the complete Big 1

Well your mumma almost missed it and is late as always. It was on 29th and that is more than couple of days back. They say better late than never, so here I am.

Wish you a very happy first birthday sweetheart. Love to the moon and back and blessings from all of us. May you be blessed with best of everything you would ever cherish for.

We made sure to keep the celebration as simple as possible as we didn’t wanted to see you cry, feel annoyed and give up on everything. You are too small for all this and we promise the one absolutely the way you want when you yourself can tell us about how you want it to be. We know somewhere that we disappointed many people around doing this, but it was all for you and so we wanted it to be suitable for you and nothing else was even of concern.

Capturing your milestones on the occasion of the D day here :

You can almost walk without any support. I wish I could protect you from the contaminated air and just have a pure thing for you to breath and save you from all those viral things,sigh. It brought you down and made you weak to the core. Hoping for your seepdy recovery.

Oh yes how can we forget about your teething, 1 is clearly out and others have started peeping out. Cannot wait to see you as our cute little bunny with two upper ones out :). I know it is way too painful for you but this is how we all have it, so hang on you are almost there.

You can speak now, yeah the clear words. Most important you gladly call me “Aai” with that cute smile and you know it is a thing to die for. You have no idea how much I have been waiting for this to happen since you started blabbering.

You have started recognising a few animals and fondly try to imitate there voices. I am trying my best to capture and preserve it all.

You are getting addicted to rhymes played on the phone, and I don’t have a clear solution as to how can I make you forget this as I am not around you 24X7. This and such similar things gives me and your papa worries to an extent that we end thinking of quitting the work as solution to put an end to all this mess ūüė¶

Last but not the least you are improving on sleep hours in the night and I can have a sleep for 4 hours straight uninterrupted. This is quite an achievement for both of us , ain’t it ūüėČ

I don’t know for what reason but I am not able to bring this post to an inline end, putting an end with these lines:

My baby


waving a good bye

You opened eyes, so did I,

you smiled and almost said hi…!

Cutenss of your palm and those little fingers,

sparkling eyes ,of what all should I wonder..?

Me cleaning it all and you creating a mess,

You and me only know that we make most out of this haste…!

You saw me dressed and waved a blabbering good bye,

Making my move easy just to see you soon my sweety pai…..! ūüôā


So here we are at the end of the first week of the new year…! Time is passing by with blink of eye and here I am by stander witnessing it pass by as if it is someone else’s time and life. ūüė¶ 

Get up in the morning, hastly finish and leave for the office. Do mundane things and wait for clock to tick 6PM. Leave for home,do the same stuff without change of a thin line and repeat -call it LIFE, Period…!

No matter how hard i am trying to push myself for the baby steps of starting 15 mins early in the morning, big failure it is…!I wonder when did I get this lazy, wasn’t it the same me for whom getting up at any odd hour of the clock was no deal? With this thing in, exercising is turnig to be a distant dream. I really need to loose couple of pounds atleast if not more.

 I downloaded Kindle so that I can get over the feeling of not finding time to buy/read books, book with not even 200 pages is laying in there for month now and I have no wish to complete it. Wasn’t it the same me for whom a night was enough to finish some 100 pages of the book?Where did I loose this will, for what I mean? What did I find worth loosing this so fondly inculcated hobby?Sigh..!

 Same goes with newly subscribed online tech courses, I purchased them so that I can learn on the move, but no i don’t even remember the last time I opened Udyme.This is yet another thing I am just wondering for.Yeah, you got it right, with no action to bring in the change.

Forget new learning and doing things, I tried cleaning up phones playlist so that I can listen what I like and cheer up for a while atleast, hell no, I am not liking a single track on my own playlist. Help ya people, tell me where should I go?

Bottom line :  nothing is turning up yours truly, yeah nowhere is where I am standing. I don’t even feel urge to do something about this dumb phase. Well,what can be more lame than this. ūüėź Wait, if you are suggesting me to take a break, i don’t see it coming any soon.

P.S. : To all my besties who can read between the lines, you people exactly know where I am, in dire need of a meet up…

see you soon…

It is just a few miles that I am away from you, my mind wonders for your where-bouts each passing moment. I know there is nothing to worry about and you are in the safest possible hands when I am not around, perhaps that doesn’t stop me from thinking about you.

Though you cannot speak yet, when I hear about some signs that you show as the evening approaches to show that you are missing me, it runs chill down my spine ūüė¶ . I constantly fear for your reaction when you would be of age to understand that I had to leave home for long 10 hours right from the time when you could hardly recognize any one around but me.I hope you would understand how difficult it was/is/will be for my fickle heart to stay away from you.

Mumma will see you soon my little chiu chiu…!

and it is another Anniversary….! :)

So my baby “”¬† is 2-year-old now ūüôā . Like the first time it was WordPress that reminded me of an anniversary. Feels like I have concurred another milestone. Two years – never thought of coming this long when I started of with it. This baby of mine is witness of my falls and rises, ups and downs of my personal, professional rather every possible facet of my life. A ton grateful to all those regular readers for their patience to bear with my writing scribbling attempts. Equally grateful to all those who¬† generously dropped by,you visits help me keep going.

Those were the bunch of gloomy thoughts that forms the start of the this blog and as they say every dark night has an end with bright dawn, so is where I see and plan to take this blog. It indeed took a lot of time to jump off the falls but yes its better late than never, ain’t it? I credit a part of what form sources of my inspiration to the writing of all wonderful fellow bloggers, it is you all’s writing that boosted my moral to keep evolving every time I visited your blogs. Keep blogging and so I’ll keep evolving.¬† Last but not the least – Wish me Happy Anniversary … ūüôā ūüôā


khoya khoya chand………. :(

Aaj shab jo chand ne hai rootne ki thaan li
Gardisho mein hai sitare baat humne maan li
Andheri shayh zindagi ko sujhi thi nahi kali
Ki aaj haath thamlo ki ek haath ki kami khali

Kyun Khoye khoye chand ki firak mein talash mein udas hai dil
Kyun apne aap se khafa khafa zara zara sa naaraaz hai dil
Yeh manzilein bhi khud hi tai karein
Yeh faslein bhi khud hi tai karein
Kyun tho raston pe phir shem shem sambhal sambhal ke chalta hai yeh dil
Kyun Khoye khoye chand ki firak mein talash mein udas hai dil

Zindgai sawalo ke jawaab dhondne chali
Jawaab mein sawalon ki ek lambi si ladi mili
Saawal hi saawal hai sujthi nahi gali
Ki aaj haath tham lo ek haath ki kami khali

Jee mein aata hai
Murda sitare noch loo
Idhar bhi nooch lo
Udhar bhi nooch loo
Ek do ka zikar kya
Mein sare noooch lo
(Idhar bhi nooch lo
Udhar bhi nooch lo
Sitare nooch lo
Mein sare nooch lo)

Kyun tu aaj itna vaihshi hai mizaj mein mazzaz hai aye gum-e-dil
Kyun apne aap se khafa khafa zara zara sa naraz hai dil
Yeh manzilein bhi khud hi tai karein
Yeh faslein bhi khud hi tai karein
Kyun tho raston pe phir shem shem sambhal sambhal ke chalta hai yeh dil
Kyun Khoye khoye chand ki firak mein talash mein udas hai dil

Dil ko samja na keh do kya aasaan hai
Dil to fitrat se sun lo na beimaan hai
Yeh kush nahi hai jo mila
Bas mangta hi hai chala
Jaantha hai har lagi ka
Dard hi hai bas ek sila
(Jab kabhi yeh dil laga
Dard hi hume mila
Dil ki har lagi ka
Sunlo dard hi ek sila)

Kyun naye naye se dard ki firak mein talash mein udas hai dil
Kyun apne aap se khafa khafa zara zara sa naraz hai dil
Yeh manzilein bhi khud hi tai karein
Yeh faslein bhi khud hi tai karein
Kyun tho raston pe phir shem shem sambhal sambhal ke chalta hai yeh dil
Kyun Khoye khoye chand ki firak mein talash mein udas hai dil
Kyun apne aap se khafa khafa zara zara sa naraz hai dil
Yeh manzilein bhi khud hi tai karein
Yeh faslein bhi khud hi tai karein
Kyun tho raston pe phir shem shem sambhal sambhal ke chalta hai yeh dil
Kyun Khoye khoye chand ki firak mein talash mein udas hai dil…………………

que sera sera…..

Don’t have anything special to write about. Just felt like scribbling something. Long break from the routine is something I was looking for and I am having it. Its yet another day I’ll be back to pavilion with many things to think about really seriously (Mom is source for food for thoughts this time…) Though many of these things make me hold my breath at times, this time it is like “Que Sera Sera….” I am no more worried, nor sure out of what I am ready take upon whatever time and life has to offer…

happy tagging..!

First of all thanks a ton to Diana for tagging me and there making me part of the Blogathon…!

Here I go :

As per the Blogathon rules ‚Äď

1.   Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves.
2.¬† They must also answer the 11 questions the ‚Äėtagger‚Äô has set for them.
3.  They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.
4.  They must then choose 11 bloggers and tag them in their post.
5.  These lucky bloggers must then be told.
6.  There are no tag backs.

here are 11 things about myself ‚Äď

1) I like reading reviews about the new gadgets launched like anything,yes I like being techie. Technology is  something I passionately follow.

2) I hardly read fiction.

3)My perception for a complete smile is when you smile at someone and that person smiles back at you,that is what is Perfectly complete smile for me.

4) I am damn choosy when its to making friends.

5)I prefer watching movies all alone as I cry for slightest emotional scene and I don’t like people laugh on my tears or question me for what I cried.

6)As you people already know Motivation is like bath for me, I need it daily.

7)I like light colors and pastel shades when its to bright.

8)I find music to be one of my best companions,so I hardly let my cellphone/I pod separate from ear phones when I am alone.

9)I love listening my childhood tales from mom, they make both of us laugh and rejoice.

10)I hate unpunctuality like any thing.

11)My height is what makes me stand out at a glance in the mob of girls. I am grateful to god for blessing me with 5’8” ūüôā ūüėČ

Answers to Questions asked by Diana:

1. Share one or more things that blogging has taught you

The first and foremost thing is it has helped me to learn lining up things on my mind.
And it has introduced me with many wonderful fellow bloggers/friends like you.. ūüôā

2. Share one or more things about blogging that you want to change.

I want to enhance the spectrum of topics I write on.

3. Between present and past, what is the biggest good/bad change in You?

Okay let me start with the bad one : I feel I have lost innocence that I had as a part of my personality/nature. I really feel bad about it. ūüė¶

And yes the good one now : I have learned to stand strong,the things those were scary for me in the past aren’t any more.

4. How do you prefer to spend your free time?

Its either a book or a friend or the laptop that I spend the free time with. When I am at home I prefer spending complete time with mom dad.

5. Which place will you chose ‚Äď an evening on beach, snow clad mountains, a night in desert, a cool garden or at home with AC on in front of TV.

Evening at beach….!

6. Which new language you will like to learn?

Japanese/Spanish. I like slangs from these two languages.

7. Have you prayed for something? What is that? Did you get it?

That I do every single day. But it is not for getting something every-time.Its for thanking god for what he has blessed me with. And currently I am praying hard for something¬† will let you know if I get it.. ūüėČ

8. If I had got one more chance… Have you ever felt so?

Nope,at least not till this point of time.

9. Which fiction character could you relate to the most?

I hardly read/watch fiction…! So no answer for this,but as you know me now you can tell whom do you find to have resemblance with me… ūüôā

10. Which is your favorite Cartoon character?

Once again a difficult one. Okay I liked Bob from Bob the builder.

11. Are you afraid of dark?

Yes I am,but I have learned to make it through now.. ūüôā

And now its my turn to ask :

1) What is definition of Happiness for you?

2)What matters more to you when its to music? Lyrics or Singer?

3)One thing that you like most about yourself.

4)How do you let out your anger/frustration?

5)Which book according to you is a must read?

6)Coffee or tea?

7)Which is your favorite one liner?

8)Describe yourself in 160 characters.

9)What are the things that you think you are addicted to?

10)Which is you favorite festival?

11)And the simple one : Your favorite color? Why?

And the tagging carried forward now :

People listed here aren’t all bloggers, tagging them as they are my¬† friends/regular readers and request them for the guest post here on my blog:

1) Arindam








9)Sumit (The most regular reader who prefers ringing up for giving me the feedback about post over writing, Dear I want you to write now)




the serenity re-defined…!

I have visited couple of beaches near the city this rainy season,posted the snaps too.Experience was yet to be put down in the words.May be if I post my personal snaps, they will reveal¬†what all the sea-shore and the surroundings meant to me…

The best of the all the day outs was an hour at the sea-shore¬†at 8 p.m.¬†The place where we visited the shore was a small village, a literal village. No houses built of cement concrete,very less or almost no things automated – neither vehicles,nor the things of daily use. Every¬†house was lit with the small earthen lamps when we were on the way to the shore.It was¬†just a five minutes walk from the place we were staying for that night. It was the scene¬†I saw after ages. I remembered¬†the same sense¬†of evening I have experienced¬†when I was 3-4 yrs old, when my father had posting in what is literary¬†called village. All seemed to serene¬†and perfectly placed.¬†Marvelous was the¬†first site of the sea-shore. Just¬†the moon light-¬†yes only the¬†moon¬†light, there wasn’t even a single artificial light. The blue water to the extent¬†eyes can reach to see and the¬†sound that we could here was the only¬†sound of waves. I can absolutely feel it while penning¬†down as well.¬†I have visited sea-shore¬†couple times before,but site wasn’t ever this beautiful before and I don’t¬†think it will ever be. 8 p.m. may be was pretty late,so¬†we were the only people present there.

We were the¬†group when we reached the shore and¬†were all dispersed as singles within just few minutes.¬†May¬†be¬†everyone had special¬†and the secret message¬†to be shared¬†with the sea and I was no exception to¬†it.¬†¬†I was just in awe to¬†witness its hugeness. Sea was re-defining what serenity meant to me. It made me forget myself and the world around. I don’t¬†know what¬†that¬†feeling¬†was exactly that brought the¬†tears in my eyes. Was it the happiness?the feeling¬†of contentment?was¬†it the sadness?the loneliness? I¬†don’t¬†have answer..I was just feeling it…. I would definitely¬†visit the same shore¬†at the same time when I’ll have that ¬†special someone in my life.No place can be more perfect than this for that special walk.

The feel when the waves touch your feet, the feel when the soil under your feet¬†pull¬†you down as the waves return to the sea. I was wondering about the relation these waves and the sea-shore¬†have. They meet each other for just a moment. Is this “just a moment” sufficient for them to meet and ensure each other of their presence for each other. How do they manage this? Wouldn’t sea-shore¬†any time feel to go and visit the wave¬†rather than wave visiting it every time? What kind of bonding they have? How come wave keeps its promise of visiting the shore every time? Shouldn’t we get the inspiration from these waves and learn to keep the promises? shouldn’t we learn to rise every time fall?¬† How does moon feels to see waves and sea-shore meet? I want someone with me to answer my all questions next time I’ll visit the sea. Sure that I am not gonna visit sea shore¬†alone next time I do. I don’t know how,but I wont alone…..

This was one of those moments of my life when I wanted time to freeze. Well lets see when life offers me my next awaited freezing moment.. Will keep you people posted of it..! ūüôā And that is what I can put in words of the serenity that was re-defined to me… Signing off on the note of prayer that may life bless me with someone like sea who can occupy the void that is there…!

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