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and it is another Anniversary….! :)

So my baby “”  is 2-year-old now 🙂 . Like the first time it was WordPress that reminded me of an anniversary. Feels like I have concurred another milestone. Two years – never thought of coming this long when I started of with it. This baby of mine is witness of my falls and rises, ups and downs of my personal, professional rather every possible facet of my life. A ton grateful to all those regular readers for their patience to bear with my writing scribbling attempts. Equally grateful to all those who  generously dropped by,you visits help me keep going.

Those were the bunch of gloomy thoughts that forms the start of the this blog and as they say every dark night has an end with bright dawn, so is where I see and plan to take this blog. It indeed took a lot of time to jump off the falls but yes its better late than never, ain’t it? I credit a part of what form sources of my inspiration to the writing of all wonderful fellow bloggers, it is you all’s writing that boosted my moral to keep evolving every time I visited your blogs. Keep blogging and so I’ll keep evolving.  Last but not the least – Wish me Happy Anniversary … 🙂 🙂


by the way…!

By the way – life is what happens to you when you are busy planning other things. Out of the thin air it starts formulating and  universe conspires in your favor if you are keen to go for it. Well this is it for now.. Watch this space for more 😉 🙂

“Sun rahi hoon sudhbudh kho ke
Koi main kahani
Puri kahani hai kya kisi hai pata
Main to kisiki ho ke yeh bhi na jaani
Ruth hai yeh do pal ki ya rahegi sada
Kise hai pata
kise hai pata…………..”


There is absolutely no aliter that can give me the same joy as that of starting a day at on extreme/critical note and ending it on an accomplishment note..! Irrespective of being completely exhausted at the moment,I can write – satisfaction is it..! It is keeping me up.. 🙂

Well its still not end of the day here and I should sign off before I get completely distracted from call that I am in right away… No don’t get me wrong, I am attending it. It was my work that was speaking till the time, and probably I’ll need to talk now.. 😉

Sayonara… 🙂

happy diwali…!



Festive fragerance – I can already smell it, do you?

I know it’s almost a week more for that day when festival of lights is going to start, but I have already started feeling that festive thing inside.I don’t know if its my psychological concern or it is there in the air actually,but I can smell it and I am loving it. Its gonna be light and bright all around. Air itself seems to be carrying some gaseous contents of joy, bliss,enthusiasm, ain’t it?

This is the very festival which is awaited year-long – right from the last day of it to the its first day of the next year. We celebrate the victory of good over the bad,victory of light over the dark. And this very reason of celebration makes Diwali mine favorite amongst all Indian festivals. Well its something different for me this year as I am bringing a journey to an end before the Diwali is to start and would be starting the new one post Diwali.(Story later). Though it is not like the journey which is being brought to an end is bad or dark but I want the new start to be bright for sure. Okay back to Diwali now –

Market place here is all decorated with lanterns of various sizes and shapes. Beautiful they are..! I am eager to post the snaps of the one that we would be hanging in our house.  

And this is reminding me that I am yet to buy the one. 😦 OMG so many things to take note of – the earthen lamps, rangoli colors and the list continues with the girly stuff. You people wont find crackers listed here as to be honest I am afraid of them and I prefer celebrating echo friendly festivals. Btw how you people are up with your Diwali shopping? Keep posted of how it is for you.

This again a just dropping by post as that what time is permitting me to do. But I just so wanted to write and that’s it..! Wish you all wonderful people out there a very happy,prosperous and safe Diwali in advance…! And I’ll be right back with a another proper festive Post..! Till  then have a great time….!  🙂

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