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November 2016

Daily Prompt: Irksome

via Daily Prompt: Irksome

Machine without internet connection is – irksome.

Day without work is – irksome.

Distractions are – irksome.

Not being able to follow the drafted plans is – irksome.

Things not falling in place for no good reasons is – irksome.

Selfish behaviors with the wrappers of selflessness are – irksome.

Not able to meet whom you so want to is – irksome.

Not able to read,write when you so want to is – irksome.

Those unnecessary expressions while describing things are – irksome.

Back bitching is – irksome.

Not living and letting others not live is – IRKSOME.


Discover Challenge: Song

via Discover Challenge: Song

They say we enjoy the music when we are happy and understand the lyrics while we are sad and I can very well co-relate to it. There are tons of things that I can recall when I think of the word song. Penning down most vivid of them.

I remember the time when I was in school and Dad being very fond of old melodies got the CDs with songs from 70s and 8os and we all religiously listened to them post dinner, soon it becoming almost a ritual to follow. I think that is where I developed taste for old hindi songs. It was “shamshad begum” and “noor jahan” whom we listened the most and song that I remember while I am writing this post from that collection is “Taqdir se bigadi haui tasvir bana de, apane pe bharosa hai usse dav lagale….”! I feel none of those songs were created for the sake of it. Each of them literary each of them has got content lyrics that one can make sense out of it. No loud music , and no lyrics just for the sake of rhyming. I still love those melodies to the fullest.

Then was the time of new songs while I joined engineering college. Those endless blue-tooth shares were fun. I remember how excited we were to share the latest track that we had with each other and discussions post we all listened to it. Having friends who can sing was none less than a blessing. We enjoyed even the creepiest tracks then and now when I recall it I cannot stop laughing at what must have made me/us like that stupid lyrics and music.Now I feel growing up has contribution even in the choice of songs and that is why then interesting is now creepy.

Moving out for the job was the next phase which brought me even closer to music. That was not the era of the smart phones yet. A day long wait was needed to finally reach home and pull out the laptop to listen to it. And then there was the comparison as to who’s laptop has best speakers and we made that fellow to play songs every single day. And then was the time to buy phones with FM radio and music players at least though they weren’t smart enough, still having hardware buttons and those tangling ear phones. This phone was my companion while I traveled to and fro from work and FM was the thing that made me fall asleep.  I was introduced here a circle for friends who were all for old melodies and marathi music, and so the love for it grew each passing day.

Now that I am married, better half is the person who is on for music 24 X7 with precise choice for what should be played at what time. I feel fortunate to have in laws who have similar taste in listening music.  Now that both of my families have this in the blood , I am sure our next generation will develop the same taste. 😉

And now that this post is all about the songs, ending it on the note of one of my favorite lyrics.

“आनेवाला पल जानेवाला है ,हो सके तो इसमे,
जिन्दगी बिता दो पल जो ये जानेवाला है….

एक बार यु मिली,मासूम सी कलि
हो खिलते हुए कहाँ,पुषपाश मै चली
देखा तो यही है,ढूँढा तो नहीं है
पल जो ये जानेवाला है………..

आनेवाला पल जानेवाला है,हो सके तो इसमे,
जिन्दगी बिता दो,पल जो ये जानेवाला है

एक बार वक्त से,लम्हा गिरा कही
एक बार वक्त से,लम्हा गिरा कही
वहां दास्ताँ मिली,लम्हा कही नहीं
थोडा सा हसाके,थोडा स रुलाके
पल ये भी जानेवाला है…….

आनेवाला पल जानेवाला है,हो सके तो इसमे,
जिन्दगी बिता दो,पल जो ये जानेवाला है…….!”

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