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Weekly Photo Challenge:Happy

Giving it a try for very first time :  Weekly Photo Challenge. Loved the theme – Happy

The first thing that I could think of is coffee, may be because I am having it right now. Yes it makes me feel happy and pleasant.

As you people know,this i-thing has brought happiness to me.

The sea and the shore is the treasure of the happiness.

Xperia is a bit of happiness for Supriya.. 🙂
as it never ever leaves her alone.

Well these were all materialistic things that are part of my happiness. In literal sense happiness for me is to see beyond imperfections. It in its purest form when we can see and feel it in the smallest thing around. For me those small things are as simple as


1) Getting down from 9th to ground floor in a single go,lift without stopping anywhere in between.

2)To wake and realize that I can enjoy the luxury of sleeping for 5-10 minutes more.

3)To finish the dinner without making a note of it to myself that I have to finish it.

4)When mom picks up the call in a single ring as if she is aware that I am gonna ring up(yeah telepathy it is between me and her).

5)Call/text from bestest friend at the very time when thought on the mind says : its been   long that we didn’t get the chance to talk.

6)When the roomy compliments with the her eyes half closed of sleep that you are looking good today. (It makes me feel as if she has woken up just to compliment me 😉 )

7)When someone rings up to say that I am being remembered just like that.

8)To tune to FM and to surprise as its the my favorite song that is being played.

9)To see dad with the wet eyes of happiness.(Its one of those times when I am at the pick of being happy)

10)When niece makes her mom give me a call to ask when I am  going to visit her.

11)To hold the ragoli in hand after long time and to realize that I can still  make it.

The list can simply keep growing. List out people and you will realize that “The True and Pure Happiness” lies in small and unnoticed things around.


on the road in the rains….girl’s day out – @Dive agar beach #Pune

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on the road in the rains….Girl’s day out @Mulashi dam #Pune

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