My mind is stuck on this word for quiet a long time now, so I am here as usual to hastily scribble it down so that my mind moves over it. Yes that is the theory that works for me, pen it down and I feel as if I am over for that thing.

So escalate, is what I here 24 x 7, yes literally round the clock. I mean what is so deal about pushing every one around in the  world.  I hate to hound people to the core..! And I hate even more when people hound me. Why on the earth all those who know me are behind me with this word and even you are not exception G like always??? Am I doing it all wrong that this word is the only thing I get to hear??
Seems  I have no choice than inculcating “Escalation“…..! I know what I have scribbled is utter nonsense but who cares?? Hitting publish button without any thought…!!!!!