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waving a good bye

You opened eyes, so did I,

you smiled and almost said hi…!

Cutenss of your palm and those little fingers,

sparkling eyes ,of what all should I wonder..?

Me cleaning it all and you creating a mess,

You and me only know that we make most out of this haste…!

You saw me dressed and waved a blabbering good bye,

Making my move easy just to see you soon my sweety pai…..! 🙂



Not excited for THE DAY at all and scratching head for a reason – is it for the fact that the boy isn’t around ? or that I am mother of a 10 month old now ?or perhaps I am going to hit a big number-another decade. 🙂

right there…!

Sherlock Holmes – The Complete Collection, cannot put it down. Right there finally. Yay 🙂

Loving it ❤️❤️


Some random thoughts crossing my mind and WEIRD is the word that popped up.

So yours truly was looking for some fancy Bluetooth speaker -yeah the old good hobby of owning fancy tech things is back with a bang.. smirk, ohh did I tell you that we own DSLR now, yeah we do the one ;).

Back to the point, so what one would look for while buying any of the new gadget? In the era of stream it all, i am the one looking for decent storage space on the device so that I don’t need to stream it all. Thanks to telecom operators for the commandable network service 😐 oh yes , radio is what I crave to have on the cellphone, yeah the only thing I didn’t like about my Nexus was, absence of radio. You see, do any one of you out there still listen to radio?Like listen to whatever is played on the air and not what you want to listen? Well the delightful feeling of getting your favourite number played without you asking for it is fenomenoal, and I am in totally love with it.

Bluetooth speaker, the one I am looking for, ofcourse I am looking for the one that can play decent audio, but wouldn’t it be great to have a SD card slot on it? Now you get the gist of weirdness I am made of, ain’t you?. Though I have a list of reasons behind asking such thing, isn’t it a demand in contradiction with the meaning of the name that device holds? Why on the earth someone would ask for a card slot if device’s moto of the life is to play audio over Bluetooth? Creepy, so am I 😉

I don’t know how to bring this post to an end and not sure if it is making any sense at all, well who cares….!


So here we are at the end of the first week of the new year…! Time is passing by with blink of eye and here I am by stander witnessing it pass by as if it is someone else’s time and life. 😦 

Get up in the morning, hastly finish and leave for the office. Do mundane things and wait for clock to tick 6PM. Leave for home,do the same stuff without change of a thin line and repeat -call it LIFE, Period…!

No matter how hard i am trying to push myself for the baby steps of starting 15 mins early in the morning, big failure it is…!I wonder when did I get this lazy, wasn’t it the same me for whom getting up at any odd hour of the clock was no deal? With this thing in, exercising is turnig to be a distant dream. I really need to loose couple of pounds atleast if not more.

 I downloaded Kindle so that I can get over the feeling of not finding time to buy/read books, book with not even 200 pages is laying in there for month now and I have no wish to complete it. Wasn’t it the same me for whom a night was enough to finish some 100 pages of the book?Where did I loose this will, for what I mean? What did I find worth loosing this so fondly inculcated hobby?Sigh..!

 Same goes with newly subscribed online tech courses, I purchased them so that I can learn on the move, but no i don’t even remember the last time I opened Udyme.This is yet another thing I am just wondering for.Yeah, you got it right, with no action to bring in the change.

Forget new learning and doing things, I tried cleaning up phones playlist so that I can listen what I like and cheer up for a while atleast, hell no, I am not liking a single track on my own playlist. Help ya people, tell me where should I go?

Bottom line :  nothing is turning up yours truly, yeah nowhere is where I am standing. I don’t even feel urge to do something about this dumb phase. Well,what can be more lame than this. 😐 Wait, if you are suggesting me to take a break, i don’t see it coming any soon.

P.S. : To all my besties who can read between the lines, you people exactly know where I am, in dire need of a meet up…

to the 9th one…!

Wish you a very happy 9th one cutie pie.

Last three months have been of extra-miler activities that lead you to be a hyper active being.We know you have never been a sane one, but I wont be exaggerating it if I say you are no less than a little monster ;).. The moment you open your eyes(yeah 5.30 AM/6 AM – now you people see why yours truly is cruel enough to call the cute little angle a MONSTER..!)you are all charged up to do every possible mundane thing on the earth.

Now that you can crawl, stand with support on your own but still cannot step forward,walker has been none less than blessing for you as I can see how your eyes sparkle with joy the moment we put you in and then you are all set to conquer the world, aint it? 😉 Kitchen trolley being your most favorite time pass, you swiftly mange to pull all reachable things with your 2 feet height. Bedroom side tables are no exception to it and oh yeah morning chores were never this challenging for me , not even on the first day when I entered this house.

With you learning a new thing each day, you are making it even more for me step out leaving you behind. 😦

Wishing you a very happy one,tones more to merrier ones to follow.

P.S : I need to get  a cake for you.. Signing off 🙂

see you soon…

It is just a few miles that I am away from you, my mind wonders for your where-bouts each passing moment. I know there is nothing to worry about and you are in the safest possible hands when I am not around, perhaps that doesn’t stop me from thinking about you.

Though you cannot speak yet, when I hear about some signs that you show as the evening approaches to show that you are missing me, it runs chill down my spine 😦 . I constantly fear for your reaction when you would be of age to understand that I had to leave home for long 10 hours right from the time when you could hardly recognize any one around but me.I hope you would understand how difficult it was/is/will be for my fickle heart to stay away from you.

Mumma will see you soon my little chiu chiu…!


Okay so it is wedding season around. Some nearest/dearest peeps are getting married and I cannot resist but feel all that again 😊😊

It is more than three years now that we are hitched, though if you are to ask me, I feel it was just yesterday that we planned 1000 ways just to see each other post a tiring and super busy day at office. Your’s truly exusted to an extent with no energy left to even talk but still craving for a quick coffee date. We were least bothered for how we looked, how long each of us required to travel, those smiling eyes before we actually smiled at each other – it was a thing to die for 🙂 🙂 . 

It was just a couple months of the period where we could feel it all as that was time between engagement and the D day. So you see, how much everything else was on the to do list and so was seeing each other. No matter how time was flying and we were busy running errands for getting zillion things done, we were even more busy painting town red.

Every day of those months was none less than a Valentine’s day , ofcourse we had the biggest reason to celebrate each single day. I wonder when I reminisce these lovey dovey things, were those really we?, same souls that we are today? Perhaps they say it right when they say it is the age that makes us see the things with that perspective. And so this answers the question that has kept me bugging for a while now : are we looking the charm of the relationship, big NO to it, we aren’t, possibilly the way of expressing and doing things has changed with changing priorities of life.

Here’s a reminder to my self and Mr husband, we have a got even more wonderful reason to celebrate life now, our little bundle of joy. So let’s keep us the celebration spirit off all the day to day oddw. Cheers 💝💝💝😘🎊 

Putting an end with this golden number:

सो साल पेहेल मुझे तुमसे प्यार था

आज भी है और कल भी राहेगा

सदीयोसे तुझसे मिलने,जिया बेंकारार था,

आज भी है और कल भी राहेगा…..!

fast forward to the sixth month…!

So I started already missing on her milestones. She is six months today :). She has started turning around and learning to sit. Oh yes and thing of utter importance, she has started living 5 hours a day without me. 🙂 😦 . Yep you guys guessed it right, I have joined back and the emotional drain has been in process for 29 days now. We both are able to survive through it till now.

I am trying to put down all that happened so far, so that you and I both can read it as you grow up and mesmerize in the memories 🙂

You can very well turn around now, so the risky business of letting you alone on the bed is gaining  a fast pace. You did the first lesson of getting off the bed on the floor, giving a small heart attach to almost every one in the house. We are gearing up for being on toes and many such adventures :D. Giving you bath is turning to be the challenge as you refuse to be calm for even just a second. You are in hurry to do all the mundane things right then when your granny is giving you massage. We just wonder what is wrong for face cleaning thing with you, what makes you cry that louder every single day and how do you guess that we are going to have soap over your face no matter how many times we try and change the order of the things we do while bathing.

We have started making you taste the food we eat, aww how much you enjoy having food with all of us. That joy in your eyes is priceless and face that you make when you taste a new thing is so much fun to watch.

You wake up in just another minute I move away from you, be it be morning, or afternoon. How do you manage to guess that things have move around from you even I make sure you are fast a sleep before I step away. Sixth sense, is it something that is so developed for you already sweetheart? My attempt of keeping a pillow or a soft toy around you when I move away is a failure, you know it’s not me for sure.

You have started toothing, yeah I see it is painful for you. You are in constant effort to take a bite of anything and everything that you can. We welcome stomach infection with your this progress.

You have already started aligning people around in a sequence whom you want to stay with. If it is me around , you don’t want anyone else to hold you. Your dad is the second person in the home and your grandmother – she is the last and the only resort for you then. We all giggle to see you growing smart.

You blabber some letters as you play, “dada” ,”tyatya” are a few we can make some sense out of. It was no easy to record that audio as you managed to be silent every time you saw me holding the phone. But I am your mumma sweetheart :P, I managed to record it the other day and I would make sure to keep it safe for you to listen to it later. 🙂

Oh yes last but not the least thing, you can very well sense a camera in front now. Is it nature that is pushing in the sense of technology this early in you as we are part of fast faced tech world?


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