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the java geeks – here is a geek with helping hand

This post is to genuinely appreciate and there by help to publish my brothers work and his website, to whom some of you already know by his blog :

Request you all kind readers to visit and let us know your feedback about how do you find the website. All your comments and suggestions are appreciated and looked forward to.


three in a row – posting from could nine

Thrilled to have three of them in a row in a single day..! I am greatefull to Sapna and Muzer for passing the Reality Blog award and Blog of the year 2012 award.


Blog of the Year Award banner 600

Though it is true that awrds are not something I write for, but ofcourse I like it as its a recipet of appriciation from the fellow bloggers. Thank you Sapna and Muzer once again. 🙂

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