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Daily prompt – Buddy

Buddy –
Yet another favourite prompt to write about.
Buddy – I cannot think of my life without them. I have most of them in buddy + relationships. What I mean by “buddy + relationships” is they are buddy to me along with being brother,sister,husband, husband’s bestest buddies, teammates etc.
I don’t have a so called huge circle of friends per say. Fingers of hands are more if I am to count them literally who fall under the Best category. So they are just a few but mean really a lot to me. I remember the talks say five years back we had about how our lives would be fine years down the lane and we actually are there now having then talked about phases of life. Thing to be glad about is we still manage to keep in touch, we still promise answer to the calls made. Sure that no one can promise presence in the need of hour, what all we can and we do offer is patient heart that listens, words that help heal/encourage if cannot provide solutions to the problem right off the bat.
I can say we all are growing up. We no more have those stupid fights of who gave the call last time and who’s turn it is now. We don’t get upset about the unanswered calls/texts. We don’t feel the distance when we actually are miles apart and take almost months when we find time to catch up with each other. When we get/find time to talk is the time when nothing else matters and we talk just like we did ages back as if nothing has moved/changed, we are still those good old souls craving for time together.
Post won’t be complete without some special mentions, so here are they..
1) V – you are missed truly madly deeply. I don’t see atleast more 5 years to come ahead will allow us the time we need. Keep in touch whatever way that is possible. I still need you no matter I am blessed with best friend as a life partner. I know you see what I mean. Take care and I really Miss you ūüė¶
2) M – we are here in same city but meeting is a distant dream cause of personal lives taking on everything that is even more personal. I need to meet you too till we feel, yes we really had a time. I am sorry that in spite of the fact that I know you need the us time, I am not able to make it ūüėź I know you have got really big heart that can pardon me. Oh yes and forgetting your birthday, how even I did that. A big sorry and a compensatory treat on me for this one. No you cannot keep that anguished feeling with me, I already mentioned we are grown up you see ūüėČ :p I will have to make sure that you read it..!
P – I respect your views all the way. Need time with you as well. Thanks for your efforts to keep in touch all the ways possible. You deserve a separate post, I am lining it up. I see more than 50% a friend in you than a brother.
G – How much a still crave for a friend in you Mr Husband. Let me admit, it makes things easy for me to accept when you turn on this mode while explaining various aspects of problems at hand. I know we have come really far but still this is one of the best times we have spent each other when we knew each other as friends. I would never ever let loose us this relation we share. I still want you to be my bestest friend.
S – well there are many of you who start with S, and you all are special to me. Unfortunately you all are far way from me, I miss you, long for your presence and talk. To all S, please read it as a reminder that you have a friend who still wants you to be there.
Last but not least, to all whom I didn’t mention here, you all are dear to me and you all’s contribution to my life is valued..!
Yaroon dosti badihi haseen hai..
Ye na ho to kya fir bolo ye jindagi hai…


thats all we need at times

At times all you need is a friend, who instead of asking what is wrong,
Puts the arms around and says – I am here…!
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I hate it when I so wanna talk and there’s no one in the world on the other side to hear..

I hate it when I so wanna talk and there’s no one in the world on the other side to hear..

There are very rare/few times I want/wish to talk this desperately and the bad thing being every time¬†I want to – there’s no one to hear.I mean why?? People so complain about me being not open to talks,for being introvert and shy,well I am like you people don’t¬†see this side when it’s there..!

Well the situation¬†is¬†– a normal weekend evening. I¬†am pretty¬†sure that it’s not¬†possible to meet any of my dear ones. Phone in front¬†of me looks at me with the hope that I’ll pick it up and I do the same. I start dialing with the sequence of nearest/dearest people¬†and GOSH… Five calls in a row with the answer “Get back to you¬†later”…..For a moment I felt like I am the only person on the earth who has got free time… sigh…..! Just the texting or online chats¬†can’t¬†satisfy my thrust of talking at least at this kind of time and the desperation…!

For the week days I understand that even if we wish we can’t¬†get in touch but for weekends??? Cant¬†we spare even 10 minutes¬†to attend someone who wants us to do that? And the thing that made me feel more worried¬†is – if it’s the¬†situation when it’s hardly¬†a year or two that we have been working,how will it be five years down the line??? No,I don’t¬†even want to imagine that.

You all are the pieces of my life’s puzzle my darling pals,I wont be able to complete this puzzle if I¬†lose¬†even¬†a single piece…I cannt even bear the distance with you people….I know I am being possessive¬†and demanding,but you know I am just like that – headstrong and practical at times and a hopeless emotional f00l at others. Bear with me and please be there…..!!!


“Koi tumase puche kaun hu main –¬† tum keh dena koi khass nahi,

ek dost hai kachcha- pakka sa,

ek sawal hai aadha suljha sa,

jasbat ke man pe parechae sa,

thoda ajnjan,thoda jana pehchana sa,

jo pas hokar bhi pas nahi,

per usse chupa koi raaj nahi,

koi tumase puche kon hu main, tum keh dena koi khass nahi… ” – Anonymous

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