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May 2015


So I am tired on the working of same piece of module for so very long….! Entire development cycle has passed and we are still around square one.¬† I have no patience left to work those things again and again. Mover over let me confess very honestly that I miss Mr A here. I miss the working pattern and expertise, vision of that person.
I long to have that expertise and follow the work pattern.
I wonder when finally will end.


Relationships, where do they actually start and how do they grow? When to stop them or break them is uncertain too. In spite of the sheer uncertainties around word, we humans believe in, trust,want, need “Relationships”. When I say relationship, I am not pointing to any particular single type of relation. It includes anything and everything that forms a bonding.
Though it starts without you very clearly knowing that it is starting, it grows as a healthy one if both ends have wish/will for it to be so. And if you want to last it forever, every  single thread of this web needs to be woven with care and love. So are we saying care and love forms the foundation of the relationship? Or may be it is care and concern to be more precise. It takes ages for both ends to start weaving and reach a centre point to carry along there after and a second is sufficient to break it off. And yes, to come along, both ends need to walk , where as to break, a jerk from one side is sufficient, other side cannot hold and carry on holding forever.
If you are to start weaving it again when you have already broken it once, a knot is bound to be formed. There is no alternative available..! No matter how badly you want it back and stable, it cannot be the same again. It cannot be even guaranteed that the other end is holding till you are back.
Sometimes for some relations things fall in place without taking notable efforts while for some take every single humanly possible effort that you can put in.
While is post is turning to be yet another self talk and I am to reach the end of it, I don’t have acceptable answers for my own many doubts. I don’t know if they all can be answered with some definite answers either. May I should let it sink in more calmly rather than desperately searching for answers…!

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