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January 2015


Okay,this is Friday morning and I am bored to the limits of it for absolutely no reason and that has triggered this post of randomness.
Disclaimer : Read at your own risk as it is not guaranteed that two consecutive lines of a paragraph will relate with each other…
** Though its Friday office is not in Friday mood as we have some senior management people form US here today. All the leads are just rushing around. It is fun watching all this happen but then it is not that happening. 😐
** Husband’s phone is on the verg of giving up now. It can breath last at any point of time. We have no plans to buy a new phone any soon and seems we have to. Life is what happens to you when you are busy planning other things 😐
** I just noticed that I was trying to type Husband and keyboard of my beloved Nexus showed G’s name as a correction.. :p OMG I didn’t know smartphone has reached this height of being smart 😉
** Long weekend is around the corner just hoping that all plans will be executed in the decided manner.
** Happy wala birthday is right here and most awaited question was finally asked. Yeah you are guessing it right, G asked me this morning what gift I want for this birthday.. I love him for this 😉
** Mom and sister left from here day before yesterday and I badly miss both of them now 😦
**Soon we will be completing a year of being engaged and I am not able to think of any good gift for G however I have thought of what I want from him :p :p
** I am feeling urge to buy a new electronic product, may a Camera. Okay not may be yes I am craving for a new semi DSLR type cam like anything..
** It has been long time that we didn’t get time (we= bro) to sit across table and talk any thing and everything. Just wondering when we would have that time 😐
** Now I need or get back to my system it is recording all this time aPRIVATE :/


home is no home without you…!

Okay let me admit it first. Yes I miss you that badly and I never ever thought that intensity of this can be this high..! May be because this the very first time that I am here without you being here in 10 months that we are married for..!
It will be hard for you to believe that I wasn’t feeling any sleepy for a long time last night, no I am not kidding, I am telling the truth. I spent time hating myself for the fact that my eyes refuse to open even for second no matter how much I try for that when you are around and so want to talk. I still cannot figure out what causes this and out of what it didn’t happen when you weren’t around.

I just want this weekend to finish ASAP, I opted for a working weekend, I am just not able to cope up with this void that your absence is creating. I  am logging f for your walk around as I am cleaning the room. I am logging for the nuisance that you cause while I bring back your cupboard to a usable state. I just miss you as much as humanly possible..!
Just be back as soon as you can…!

Oo sathi reee,din dube naa…

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