Many happy returns of the day Sweetheart.. You are 3 months today. Here’s quick turnaround of the month.

As per your doctor’s suggestions we had go for those “painful” shots of vaccination,gosh that was equally painful for us to watch you sleeping almost entire day and crying the other one. Painless were really better to deal with, thanks to pediatrician here :|. I hope you won’t blame me when you would come to know about vaccination and the painless option. 😦

We did a short trip to a sea shore near by and I am glad you were so easy with it. Touchwood and I hope that you would cooperate same while we do some more before I join back.  Thought of joining back is getting on my nerves with each passing day. Now that you need only me to feel comfortable especially when you aren’t well makes me a ton happy and a zillion times worried at the same time.

You have started making louder cries and cooing is no more. Sleeping on the bed with back laid down completely is rare luxury for me as roam across the bed now.

Sitting on granny’s laps is your new hobby. You cannot even turn around yourself but sitting is what you like the most these days.  I feel so happy to see you as apple of everyone’s eye. 🙂 What can be more satisfying and assuring to see you being taken care and loved by everyone. 

Signing it off for now. Happy growing sweetheart 🙂