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February 2012

friendship – The Awesomest Blessing

I don’t know where do I should start to continue them counting,who comes the first and who will be there last on the list.Although it is true that there are always some who are really specially and like wise categorized but numbering is simply what that cant be done…..Some times near,sometimes apart -they are always there…….

I never had or have a huge friend circle,the reason being I am introvert and a bit shy kind,but those people whom i tag under friendship tag are just amazing.They add value to my life,they are the UN-devisible part.They all keep a very very special concern to me.They are the ones who are teaching me to be bold to face the world.I can dare to walk in their company where I am scared of going for a single step ahead when alone.They all are my prized possession.I am spell bound to put down what it feels to have them in life.They are the ones who introduce me with my-self every time when I somehow lose the connect to my inner core.They are breaths to me when I am all gone.

Just a word from me or a glance at me is enough for them to know that I am not ok,I just wonder how come all of them have this skill.They literary pamper me like a baby many a times.I respect and adore them for the way they are.

This is dedicated to all of them–

“The day when YOU came to my life,I admired YOU as my friend,

not for your nature or tone ,but because

I feel YOU as my OWN“….

‘Yaaro dosti badi hi haseen hai

yena ho to kya fir bolo ye jindagi hai…”

Miss you all my darling pals  – you are the best thing I have ever had…..


dear life-how long you are gonna take to show me the fair side???

I am fed up of the things around.Everything that I am looking towards with hope is turning me down.This is to my life-please show me the fair side now,deal a fair deal now…This is “THE END” of my patience..I am all gone.

Life is all scattered into the pieces.I want to recollect my self,get myself together and continue the walk of life and the fact is I am not able to go for the single step ahead.I am so scared of doing anything and everything.I am scared of interacting with myself.I guess I am in need of”The Me Time”,I mean the introspection time…I want to be the “ME”….

“Itani shaki hame den na data,

man ka wishwas kamjor hona,

hum chale nek rastese humse

bhul kar bhi koi bhul hona….” Amen

ask-believe-recieve….and they say Miracle happens n you get it

I had been through “The Secret’s” official web site and I was amazed to read all those Secret stories………….Unbelievable experiences are shared there as a part of the secret stories…And yes,I want to be part of the stories lined up there.I just couldn’t take off my eyes of the screen till I covered 1/4th of the stories when started reading them.(well to mention there were 1300 real life stories posted under the title I was reading). I have decided to follow “The Secret” strategies……Its all about living the life of your dreams.Live as if you have the life of your dreams.Honestly speaking I couldn’t believe what all is written there for the  initial stories,but it must not be wrong when 100s of people have experienced it.Its my time to give it a try.And here goes the start….I believe I am happy.I have what all I want.I am asking/preying for somethings,I believe I am gonna have all I am asking for…Waiting for them to get delivered…Well people  will keep you posted of the things delivered…

remember that you are blessed to be Stressed……

I am very fond of reading one liners.And this one -the title is lecturing on my mind since morning.That true it is..!! We are blessed to be stressed and I am no exception to it.Well I am not gonna go in to what ill effects this stress thing has.I am to put down its blessing side.Many times pressures/stress is indeed necessary to know your real potential.We don’t realize our real break point unless we are stretched to it.Many examples prove best results are produced out of work done under pressure,and I’ll count myself in this list…..

And I am done……….to be continued some time later…..

and sometimes the logical reason is – there is no logical reason…

Things just happen like that.Sometimes there is absolutely no logical reason for certain things that happened in that particular way.May be it the same case with both sides of coin-good as well as bad.And matter of the fact is we don’t think of such things when it’s all good around.

I had very aggressive discussion around the same topic with some of my friends last night.I was the one to beat the point – “it’s just bad that is surrounding us”.It is ok to feel or comment so for time being,but its next to impossible to survive if one is to live with this conception life long.I am spell bound to express the level of negativity I saw.To be honest at this point of time even I am not able to completely take it up with what title says,but it is even true that for some facts,it hardly matters whether you agree with them or not.

It’s still the gloominess that is surrounding me,and so I was not here for long.I wanted to come up with something positive to pen down for this time,and I have.At-least I felt like beating the negative points and make some positive ones.The other positive thing that happened is,finally procrastination-that is what I was doing for past couple of months for every thing on the way,is taking a pause now.This pause was really really awaited.And even more desperately awaited is the pause rather the full stop for this gloominess.Hope is what all I have.I guess it will not be exaggerating if I say I am mastering the art of hoping……

Signing off with the promise to my gloomy soul to come up with something more positive next time I come here……….

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