Its all about thats on my mind…….



waving a good bye

You opened eyes, so did I,

you smiled and almost said hi…!

Cutenss of your palm and those little fingers,

sparkling eyes ,of what all should I wonder..?

Me cleaning it all and you creating a mess,

You and me only know that we make most out of this haste…!

You saw me dressed and waved a blabbering good bye,

Making my move easy just to see you soon my sweety pai…..! 🙂



So I am tired on the working of same piece of module for so very long….! Entire development cycle has passed and we are still around square one.  I have no patience left to work those things again and again. Mover over let me confess very honestly that I miss Mr A here. I miss the working pattern and expertise, vision of that person.
I long to have that expertise and follow the work pattern.
I wonder when finally will end.


There is absolutely no aliter that can give me the same joy as that of starting a day at on extreme/critical note and ending it on an accomplishment note..! Irrespective of being completely exhausted at the moment,I can write – satisfaction is it..! It is keeping me up.. 🙂

Well its still not end of the day here and I should sign off before I get completely distracted from call that I am in right away… No don’t get me wrong, I am attending it. It was my work that was speaking till the time, and probably I’ll need to talk now.. 😉

Sayonara… 🙂

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