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October 2012

happy tagging..!

First of all thanks a ton to Diana for tagging me and there making me part of the Blogathon…!

Here I go :

As per the Blogathon rules –

1.   Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves.
2.  They must also answer the 11 questions the ‘tagger’ has set for them.
3.  They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.
4.  They must then choose 11 bloggers and tag them in their post.
5.  These lucky bloggers must then be told.
6.  There are no tag backs.

here are 11 things about myself –

1) I like reading reviews about the new gadgets launched like anything,yes I like being techie. Technology is  something I passionately follow.

2) I hardly read fiction.

3)My perception for a complete smile is when you smile at someone and that person smiles back at you,that is what is Perfectly complete smile for me.

4) I am damn choosy when its to making friends.

5)I prefer watching movies all alone as I cry for slightest emotional scene and I don’t like people laugh on my tears or question me for what I cried.

6)As you people already know Motivation is like bath for me, I need it daily.

7)I like light colors and pastel shades when its to bright.

8)I find music to be one of my best companions,so I hardly let my cellphone/I pod separate from ear phones when I am alone.

9)I love listening my childhood tales from mom, they make both of us laugh and rejoice.

10)I hate unpunctuality like any thing.

11)My height is what makes me stand out at a glance in the mob of girls. I am grateful to god for blessing me with 5’8” 🙂 😉

Answers to Questions asked by Diana:

1. Share one or more things that blogging has taught you

The first and foremost thing is it has helped me to learn lining up things on my mind.
And it has introduced me with many wonderful fellow bloggers/friends like you.. 🙂

2. Share one or more things about blogging that you want to change.

I want to enhance the spectrum of topics I write on.

3. Between present and past, what is the biggest good/bad change in You?

Okay let me start with the bad one : I feel I have lost innocence that I had as a part of my personality/nature. I really feel bad about it. 😦

And yes the good one now : I have learned to stand strong,the things those were scary for me in the past aren’t any more.

4. How do you prefer to spend your free time?

Its either a book or a friend or the laptop that I spend the free time with. When I am at home I prefer spending complete time with mom dad.

5. Which place will you chose – an evening on beach, snow clad mountains, a night in desert, a cool garden or at home with AC on in front of TV.

Evening at beach….!

6. Which new language you will like to learn?

Japanese/Spanish. I like slangs from these two languages.

7. Have you prayed for something? What is that? Did you get it?

That I do every single day. But it is not for getting something every-time.Its for thanking god for what he has blessed me with. And currently I am praying hard for something  will let you know if I get it.. 😉

8. If I had got one more chance… Have you ever felt so?

Nope,at least not till this point of time.

9. Which fiction character could you relate to the most?

I hardly read/watch fiction…! So no answer for this,but as you know me now you can tell whom do you find to have resemblance with me… 🙂

10. Which is your favorite Cartoon character?

Once again a difficult one. Okay I liked Bob from Bob the builder.

11. Are you afraid of dark?

Yes I am,but I have learned to make it through now.. 🙂

And now its my turn to ask :

1) What is definition of Happiness for you?

2)What matters more to you when its to music? Lyrics or Singer?

3)One thing that you like most about yourself.

4)How do you let out your anger/frustration?

5)Which book according to you is a must read?

6)Coffee or tea?

7)Which is your favorite one liner?

8)Describe yourself in 160 characters.

9)What are the things that you think you are addicted to?

10)Which is you favorite festival?

11)And the simple one : Your favorite color? Why?

And the tagging carried forward now :

People listed here aren’t all bloggers, tagging them as they are my  friends/regular readers and request them for the guest post here on my blog:

1) Arindam








9)Sumit (The most regular reader who prefers ringing up for giving me the feedback about post over writing, Dear I want you to write now)





have a blessed day…!

Sometimes best thing you can do is –

Not think

Not wonder

Not imagine

Not obesess

Just breath and

have faith that

Everything will work out for the BEST…!

how do they manage to be so incorrect…??.

I wonder how these people manage to be so incorrect? What we should say on it? Is it again gonna be no schooling/no jobs thingy for girls???? even the thought is giving me a hard kick. sigh……! I know to talk on politics/politicians is not my cup of tea but the for this one i couldn’t help but write.Thank god that  the person is MP and not the communication minister,I can’t even image of the day that it would have been today with this bullsh*t rule in place.Where are we heading with this? Do we need to remind them mobile phones these days are more of need than the matter of status?

TOI(Times Of India) had the news with the heading “girl gang raped” for odd three days in a row almost in a single week and they say girls are moving out of control. Well what it means to be “under control”? and are we girls the wild animals to be kept under control? Don’t we need to keep the wild guys with this devilish mentality under control? The other thing that was questioned was the maturity of girls.For this one we would love to know about the device that measures the maturity and the measuring units of the maturity those led him to these results , wouldn’t we? Adding to it Mr MP says their mothers/sisters didn’t die of not having mobile phones. Our ancestors survived without electricity and every basic amenity that we have today. Should we go back to stone age as we are not gonna die if these things are not there?And why the hell we are striving for the development in everything as we are not dyeing of good things which are gonna be there as after effects of these efforts?

Does this means of communication has really any thing to do with the gender that is using it? Isn’t it the matter of the attitude of the individual using it? Every coin has got two sides,so is the usage of cellphones,then out of what it is counted on girls for its down side. Dream of to be counted as a developed country is gonna be the night mere if our so-called leaders have this 18th century’s mind-set. India Incredible India……!

just like that…!

Weekly Photo Challenge:Happy

Giving it a try for very first time :  Weekly Photo Challenge. Loved the theme – Happy

The first thing that I could think of is coffee, may be because I am having it right now. Yes it makes me feel happy and pleasant.

As you people know,this i-thing has brought happiness to me.

The sea and the shore is the treasure of the happiness.

Xperia is a bit of happiness for Supriya.. 🙂
as it never ever leaves her alone.

Well these were all materialistic things that are part of my happiness. In literal sense happiness for me is to see beyond imperfections. It in its purest form when we can see and feel it in the smallest thing around. For me those small things are as simple as


1) Getting down from 9th to ground floor in a single go,lift without stopping anywhere in between.

2)To wake and realize that I can enjoy the luxury of sleeping for 5-10 minutes more.

3)To finish the dinner without making a note of it to myself that I have to finish it.

4)When mom picks up the call in a single ring as if she is aware that I am gonna ring up(yeah telepathy it is between me and her).

5)Call/text from bestest friend at the very time when thought on the mind says : its been   long that we didn’t get the chance to talk.

6)When the roomy compliments with the her eyes half closed of sleep that you are looking good today. (It makes me feel as if she has woken up just to compliment me 😉 )

7)When someone rings up to say that I am being remembered just like that.

8)To tune to FM and to surprise as its the my favorite song that is being played.

9)To see dad with the wet eyes of happiness.(Its one of those times when I am at the pick of being happy)

10)When niece makes her mom give me a call to ask when I am  going to visit her.

11)To hold the ragoli in hand after long time and to realize that I can still  make it.

The list can simply keep growing. List out people and you will realize that “The True and Pure Happiness” lies in small and unnoticed things around.

just dropping by to say Hi….

Its been almost two weeks that I haven’t visited this place. Well things have started moving around and there by keeping me occupied round the clock. These were the days I was looking for from long back. Enjoying/living and loving the hectic hours all the ways..

Will come up with a lot that’s on my mind as soon I can make a escape or find the time.

For now  signing off…its me – yours truly.


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