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waving a good bye

You opened eyes, so did I,

you smiled and almost said hi…!

Cutenss of your palm and those little fingers,

sparkling eyes ,of what all should I wonder..?

Me cleaning it all and you creating a mess,

You and me only know that we make most out of this haste…!

You saw me dressed and waved a blabbering good bye,

Making my move easy just to see you soon my sweety pai…..! 🙂


and it is another Anniversary….! :)

So my baby “”  is 2-year-old now 🙂 . Like the first time it was WordPress that reminded me of an anniversary. Feels like I have concurred another milestone. Two years – never thought of coming this long when I started of with it. This baby of mine is witness of my falls and rises, ups and downs of my personal, professional rather every possible facet of my life. A ton grateful to all those regular readers for their patience to bear with my writing scribbling attempts. Equally grateful to all those who  generously dropped by,you visits help me keep going.

Those were the bunch of gloomy thoughts that forms the start of the this blog and as they say every dark night has an end with bright dawn, so is where I see and plan to take this blog. It indeed took a lot of time to jump off the falls but yes its better late than never, ain’t it? I credit a part of what form sources of my inspiration to the writing of all wonderful fellow bloggers, it is you all’s writing that boosted my moral to keep evolving every time I visited your blogs. Keep blogging and so I’ll keep evolving.  Last but not the least – Wish me Happy Anniversary … 🙂 🙂


when wordpress says – Happy Anniversary..! :)

So it’s a complete year now.. 🙂 You log in and WordPress greets you saying “Happy Anniversary” . It was a pleasant surprise as the date was out of my memory. Well I didn’t even realize that my writing journey has come this far.

I am not sure about the quality of the content that I post here,if i really can meet the reader’s expectations, whether they feel that the posts are worth the time they spend for reading, if the english that I use really makes sense grammatically ,structurally, as I am still learning this language,I am not a convent student and all my schooling is from my regional language. To be honest I am being selfish when its to blogging. I write most of the times because I feel better when I do it. I appreciate the patience and kindness of all my regular readers especially as they take upon whatever I attempt to write, for the appreciation and the consistent support.

Today when I took time to look back and summarize what this journey has given me, first and foremost thing is – platform where I can scribble whatever and whenever I want to. WordPress is more of my friend now. It is always there when I want it to be. It never throws tantrums, it never ever says its busy and can’t attend me when I so need to be attended. Dont get me wrong, I don’t want to complain about any body here, it’s just the fact that I am putting down.

The other thing is,it helping me to learn the beauty of this language “English”. I don’t have phobia/fear for this particular language but definitely it was not my home ground. I can feel the closeness to it for a greater extent than before now.

Observation is the another important facet of what blogging has given me. Yes I have and I am learning to observe the things closely.In way that is adding to my what we call as creativity. It makes me think of everything around as thought on mind keeps saying, can we write something about it. I know there is still a long way to go.

It is enhancing my reading spectrum,and helping in having my own opinion about everything I read/hear/watch. I no more blindly take upon what others are saying,for everything I end up asking myself what do I think about it. So I no more blindly follow any one.

Well these are the major things I can think of and summarize. I promise myself and you wonderful readers out there that I would try to be more consistent in the effort of improving the quality of the things I post here.

Thank you once again for the support and wish  “an Anniversary to me”… 🙂

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