So here it is – long cherished post, A technical review for the first time.

Though its pretty late to put down a review for Windows 8 as its successor Windows blue is already on its way out, I am still giving it an attempt. Here I go.

Behavioral complexity is the first and foremost noticeable thing that may(rather for sure does) struck a normal windows user hard. Microsoft makes us move out of our comfort zone as we go about hands for this new version of Windows. Under the hood it is the same our very own windows operating system. You may feel lost for the first time as machine boots up with  this new baby of Microsoft,but hold on, to give up are not we, right?Stay tuned till you reach right there where you were with the previous versions of windows.

UI is basically divided into two modes and this the prominent feature that makes #Wind8 different form its preceding versions.

I) Metro UI

II)Desktop mode

Metro UI from my perspective is more of attempt by Microsoft to simulate a single operating system for PCs and tablets or convertibles that is what it is called with changing concepts(a laptop which can be used as tablet with the display taken out from laptop).

Metro UI is UI with tiles that constitutes some per installed windows applications plus the tiles for softwares installed on your machine. It is the first screen that flashes up as your m/c boots.  Tile that takes you to the desktop comes pre – configured and other way round we have old shortcut(Windows+ D) still there to switch to the desktop. And why the shut down short cut/tile isn’t there pre – installed is something we really need to ask Microsoft about.Recently I learned that we can create tiles on our own just like we create the shortcuts, so though something that you frequently need is not configured – no worries, you can very well customize what should go in the tiles of your metro UI.

Once you land to the desktop mode comes a sigh of relief as your eyes feel right at home to see the same old windows desktop, but hold one you are yet not there – where is the start key? Yes it is not at all there. And it is what is something very difficult to live without feature for Windows. I have had spent some time with Linux version #Ubuntu, and to my surprise learning the UI for this linux based operating system was easier than what Windows 8 is.

So the Library explorer takes the place of the start button. To search any and every program,you have to search in the URI of the library explorer or switch to Metro UI  and hunt for the tile of the application you want to use.

There comes a bunch of new shortcuts with this new UI. You need to go around browsing every possible corner of the screen to explore them.

Top right takes to the short cut of power button, settings, a direct sharing option,list of connected devices and a start button that takes to the Metro UI.

Top left is alternative to famous Alt-Tab key. It shows all the open windows that you can switch back and forth between.

As you point to the position of the start button i.e. bottom left takes you the start i.e. again the metro UI.

Right bottom is quiet similar the old windows that shows the various notifications, nothing about it has changed much.

Once you and if you really can live without the Start button of the desktop then you will fell right at home with this new baby. But no it is not at all that easy. We never realized that Start button was one of the most used keys of the our desktops until it was taken out from the desktop. It is heck difficult to take upon windows desktop without start key.

Rumors so far about the new version of the Windows OS, Windows 8.1 aka Windows Blue are that it may come with the start button right back at its place as it the most complained factor of the windows 8 UI and people out there have a hope that Microsoft will listen to what they are screaming loud about. And if not we already have a got the way around in the form some S/w that we can install on the top of the windows 8 installation and get the beloved Start button back right at its place.

Personally,Start button and few annoying and unnecessary short cuts were the hurdle for me as I started with this OS. Rest everything remains quiet same as the previous versions of windows.

Putting an end this really short review for Windows 8, will get back to it as I explore it more.Not sure if even this post can be called as a technical review.Request you all kind readers to put down honest comments so that I can get myself evaluated as to if I really can write a technical review of something or not.