The feeling of getting connected with the my own self.Serene was the feel,beautiful was the silence.After a long time I found the silence beautiful.For the recent past I was not able to cope with this silence even for few minutes.Scared I was for the my connect to me.May be very slowly but life has started getting back to its original pace.

I woke-up early this morning for some reason and had hands on the laptop’s keyboard as I had no other option.Work was supposed to get done by then only.It was a pin drop silence around.I could just feel nothing but the me.Was that I found the lost me…??well I am not sure if its so really.,but I can be sure that now its not so long when I will meet myself.Me back to me…..

The turmoil is settling down.Life is on its way back to a sane mode.Recovering the missing drive on the lapi gave me the feel of recovering missing parts of life.One might find it strange reading but I connect this closely to a non-living thing as well when its mine.And the lapi is always a special concern as it makes forget rest world when I am connected to it.The connect happened after long time and so it was more special.

The morning time and the serene feel reminded me of that everything which I want in my life.Dreams are not all over though sometimes they are broken.My mind is once again dazzeled with the passion,dreams as it used to be…..I know I need to take some efforts to maintain this state of mind and I’ll for sure…Its the serenity and seeds of the new,grand dreams all around…So mystrious is the Mind thing–it broke me in to the pices with its gloominess and now its giving me a hand to re-collect the scattered me with the dreaminess….


The song on my mind for this state of my mind:

Bawara man dekhane chala ek sapana…

bawarese man ki dekho bawari he baaten

bawarisi dhadkane hai bawari hai saasen

bawarisi karwatonse duniya qu bhage

bawarese nain chahe baware jharokose

bawaare najaroko takana

bawara man dekhane chala ek sapana……”