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A ton grateful to you Neeli for passing them all to me – Liebster Award, I love you blog Awards, ABC Award, The Loyal Reader Award, The Best Moments Award…. It means a lot to me and as you said, even I can count them on fingers as to how many of them I have received till date. My blog’s wall is going to shine now with the ones that you passed on to me. 🙂


first-best-moment-award-winner1 i-luv-ur-blog-award liebster-award21

Here is my answer paper for the question paper that you set… 😉

1. Why do you blog?

Well for many reasons and for no reason. Sometimes I do it just like that, for absolutely no reason. At times it is to pen down the emotion that be it be joy,pain,sulk. I feel better once I pen it down, so I blog 🙂

2. If you get a chance to meet any of your fellow blogger, would you like to meet him/her and why?

Yes,as now that I already know the person to an extent, I would like to meet and know more about him/her.

3. Do you know cooking? If yes, what is signature dish? If No, would you like to learn?

Yes I cook every single day but I do it as I have to 😦 . I am not very fond of doing it and so it isn’t my forte.

4. How do you manage your anger?

I pen it down these days.. 🙂 Otherwise I prefer to keep mum and simply dont let out even a single word.

5. Any suggestion for Me ;) and my blog :)

Keep blogging.. 🙂

6. Which post of mine did you like and why?

Well there are many but still if you are to ask me to choose the one : Me, Window and Thoughts would be the one. I could relate very closely to this one, so I like it the most.

7. What would you like me to cover in my blog?

Ahh no specific suggestions as such.

8. Would you like to plan for a blogger get together?

Would surely like to 🙂

9. Have you ever faced failure and have converted as your success? Share some incident with us.

This is the most difficult one to answer. I reserve the answer to it for now

10. Do you believe in God? If No, Why?

Yes I do believe in god with utter faith. That is from where I get strength to stand 🙂

Take a look at it as and when you find time Neeli 🙂



thank you note….!

As this year draws to an end, I want to thank all those people in my life who made my life more meaningful with their concern. You all are part of my life’s puzzle and its indeed incomplete if I miss on even a single of you. Well the list includes all people those who are of concern to me some or other way. I know some of them personally(my mates and buddies) and some of them are part of my blogging world whom I don’t know personally(with some exceptions 🙂 ) . Though I don’t know you personally, I feel kinda connect with you all,it’s a different kind of bonding that I am spell-bound to put down about. It couldn’t have been possible to come this long in the real life and in the blogging too  without you all being there. You encouraged me by appreciating my work and helped me grow, learn and heal with your work. Its been and it will continue to be a great learning and growing experience here. Thank you for being there always.. 🙂

Last but not the least special thanks to muZer for passing four of them to me and making my year-end special –

  • Blog of the year award (now I can have 3 stars on my blog)
  • Shine on award
  • Versatile blogger award
  • One Lovely Blogger award.

I am not sure if I am making concern to anybody’s life out there,I may not be anybody’s favorite color, I hope you’ll need me somewhere to complete your picture of life..!

Thank you

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