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when it rains out of no where……!

Rains…No it is not imagination,it is raining actually out of no where.I can clearly hear the drip drop of raindrops on the window I am sitting by. Picture perfect moment it is… Laying on window side bed, lazy,cozy and drowsy and I get to hear some drip drop, to confirm I pushed the window pane and yes it was actually there – The Rain.. I don’t know the reason why I am feeling good or happy to be more precise to see/feel the rain… It is wonderful feeling to be happy for absolutely no reason. One of the possible reasons that I am finding this shower more special because it has come as a surprise…. ๐Ÿ™‚ These are the moments what I call as full of life. Rain – I must tell you, made my time today. I know you are a companion of a while but you are making the moments contained.

Everything that nature has and plans for has so very much of meaning,ain’t it? Just an example soothing rain after the sunny sky s. Otherwise how could have we learned to make through the hard times with the faith thatย  end of it is going to be the happiness, if nature wouldn’t have shown that rain is ought to be there after sunny sky s. Actually it is just he beginning of summer and it has long three months more and we are finding it difficult at the start it self. Is it that this rain is just the message from nature to boost our morals to take upon the whatever is to come in the summer? and at the same to time to assure that it is going to be rain at the end of it… May be yes….!

And now I got to get back to my companion of a while and make most of time that we have together.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ singing off on the note of this rain song I like and find perfect for this mood –

“Nahin saamne
Nahin saamne ye alag baat hai
Nahin saamne ye alag baat hai
Mere paas hai
Mere paas hai tu mere paas hai
Mere paas hai tu mere paas hai
Mere saath hai mere saath hai……”

See you on the other side

-Its me,

Your truly….


on the road in the rains….Girl’s day out @Mulashi dam #Pune

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