The occasion being father’s day…!!!To me he is the person whom I respect,adore,look up to and love just like that.The post is daughter’s wishes to her father for father’s day….

Dear dad,

Wishing you a very happy father’s day.I know just a day in a year is not enough to be grateful to you and to express the sense of gratitude towards you,it will take my lifetime if I am to do it.Here is just a bit of it.

Dad,I have seen and I am seeing you changing from a dad,to a friend and then to a philosopher for me. The journey is being wonderful and I know it will continue to be the same or even more beautiful. I clearly remember the times from the childhood where you were in the pure dad role,how you wanted everything to be in place on time and so perfect.You poured the punctuality and perfection in both of us(i mean me n my sis) in this phase of our lives.I confess today that at times we hated you for being so strict, but today when we look back, we regret the hatred. Be it be academics or be it be the things done in the home, perfection is what you always made us seek for.It is the very quality which is helping us to excel where ever we go.I have no words to be thankful to you for getting this in to us.

I simply couldn’t notice when you started turning to a friend from a dad for me.May be it the time when I completed my school. It was no way easy task to convince you to let me go ahead with the career I wanted to go for.I never meant/wanted to prove you wrong and I even know you wanted me to be something you so wanted to be but unfortunately you couldn’t.I feel sorry that I couldn’t do it for you,but then I can the see proud feeling for me for where I am today. I don’t know how could I have taken up this if I could have been in your role. You accept me for what I am and never compel me to be something else is what makes you my friend. You are world’s best dad as a friend.

I thought friendship was the only another relation that we could share,but you proved me wrong, these days you are turning to be a philosopher for me. I am learing from you dad,the tactics of exploring the various aspects of life.To be positive,to be strong for whatever happens.To plan everything in advance, to be honest in what I do, to be helpful towards everyone to be grateful for everything.You are the man of planning and principles.I am realising how important it is to plan.No class,no curriculum in the world but you can make me learn this all.It is the planning which made us survive in the wreaking havoc that we faced.I respect you the most for you planning ways dad…!

You share the biggest part of what makes me to aspire,to be passionate about everything I do,to be patient and to be a good human being.Dad I simply couldn’t have been what I am and so wanted to be without you.If being a dad is an art then I would say you are a master at it. You are just wonderful the way you are…!!

What all I can do for you in returns for you being you is just be your dauther.I promise dad I’ll be the same me for you for lifetime no matter however life changes for me. There wont be even the slightest change in our relationship even if I’ll have my own family and all in the years to come.I know this the thing which makes you worry a lot for me these days,I understand being a father of girl that is obvious.  What I can say to you for now is-dont worry.There simply couldn’t be any thing wrong for your daughter when you are there…!

Greatness of the sky,

Strongness of the mountain,

Calmness of the sea,

generosity of the nature is what makes a DAD to me….!!!

Dad – you are  a master piece…..I am a zillion times grateful to god for blessing me with you….!!! Once again wish you a very happy father’s day….!!!

Your loving daughter,