Coffee time it is..!and I am here on the desk reason-wending machine is not in the mood today,Coffee why you no there…??

I admit I am almost addicted to coffee.I just love having it.It turns me on.Its aroma refreshes the mood.Coffee is making me text in the working huors.Well to mention its friday today and the office is already in the weekend feeling from starting hours.

I clearly remember times at home where mommy used to keep it perfectly ready for me just at the time I would feel like having it.I dont know how she used to guess that timing so perfect,she is just perfect.No coffee shop in the world can give the coffee that tastes like what she prepares.

How ever tried,board I am,a cup of coffee brings me back.And its not only about the hot coffee that I am fond of,I equally love having cold coffee.Teasting all the available flavors on the menu card of a coffee shop is turning to be my new hobby.And no matter how best coffee and flavors are available-Ness Cafe remains the first love.

Its driving me crazy now,I guess to check out if the machine is back…. story to be continued…… 😉