They say actions speak more than words and so do I believe firmly. Saying something is really not difficult to do and proving that it is not rocket science – it takes DOING IT right off the bat…! Well these are the words of the wisdom I heard from G and  I am still contemplating on them to comprehend and inculcate once and for all. We have been to this point for numerous times by now in the span of four and half years of being married. I have still not managed to tick somethings off the list that are counted as “you don’t do it as you are not capable of doing it” and move them to “I don’t do it because I don’t like doing it. sigh..!

Sure it is not going to take ages to master any of those things as I already said none of it is rocket science and still I took more than 4 years to reach to this realization and actually pull up the socks and get going. I wonder what would I have done if he wasn’t around. Who else on earth has this patience to deal with a stubborn like me who literally took ages to even pay hid to something that is really basic, well for world it is so, if not for me and you. I am head over hills for you buddy, for yet another time. I was under impression that upbringing is all that makes difference, and you proved me wrong. I understand now that it is individuals efforts to see and be beyond the obvious is what all it takes. Nothing else can make this difference.

I was all busy finding common ground and trying move the rock who is more than happy where it is irrespective of the unnecessary wear and tear it has to face. All the genuine effort to bring ease,comfort and to have a support system for each other have gone in-vein.  I kept on taking and giving chances in the hope of improvisation, loosing pieces of my spark all the way. I was so occupied finding and showing ways to feel worthy for those who live as if they took birth on the earth only to feel content in being worthless on the other side of worthiness. Even more unfortunate fact being you are counted as “good for nothing” for the way you try to hold your head high and feel good.

Do I feel lost ?, well it wont be exaggeration if I end up saying that is the only thing I feel these days. What else one could feel if efforts you are making are overlooked if as if it just didn’t happen and you are held responsible for the change that you didn’t plane for even in wildest of your dream. I am really tired of feeling insignificant most of the times and suddenly solely responsible for things I did not do. The more I try to make a place of my own, more it is getting on my nerves out my reach.

To make that difference and to regain all that is lost on the way is all on my list now..!

Until I see you for the next time.

Its me,

yours truly.