As you turn two months old today my sweetheart, here’s me taking out a while to mark this milestone.

We did your naming ceremony and now we are here at your Papa’s place.You are still accommodating to the surroundings​. You have started recognizing me this early – the  thing I am happy and worried about at the same time. Thought of leaving you home when I would need to join office gives me goosebumps.

You have started making sounds that makes being around you a real joy. With this activity you have started occupying everyone’s​ time in the house.

And now that you have started growing really fast, all my fear and thoughts for you future are for toss. I need to gather courage to stand for you and to raise you my way and not the typical girlish “born for cooking thing”. Fingers crossed for this one.

Till then keep growing my sweetheart, mumma loves you to the moon and back…!