As you turn one month old today, I am taking out a moment to mark this milestone. 🙂 

While you are settling in the outside world , you are helping me grow up as mommy. It was no easy affair to get used to – to your cries, understand the reason behind it -now from your tone I understand if you are hungry or bored of laying down at the same place, you peeps and poops and making you comfortable in my laps. I should thank you for bearing with me and being patient while I learn this all. To be with you is staring to be fun now as you are gaining control over your hand and leg coordination. You have started responding to sounds around and I love it the most to see how your tiny winy eyes open wide when you see light.I wish I could capture it all somewhere.

Let no one fool me while they say time flies by – it does, while counting 1s and 2s , you are month old today.  

Wish you a very happy 1st month birthday sweetheart. May you be blessed with wonderful life ahead 🙂 🙂