29th March 8.57 PM – The time she arrived in this world and changed our lives forever. Now that she is almost 20 days, I am finding little time and energy to put it down here for which I was craving. Nine month long wait and those real long 9 hours of labour were put to an end with your arrival. 

I kept hearing from MIL and my mother that you forget all the pain once you see your peice of heart around and I found it true, though I haven’t forgotten any pain but sure that seeing her is none less than heavenly feeling. Embarrassing her in my arms make me realise how fragile my world is. She is the reason I feel so emotional these days. Her presence around makes me take a note of what my mother must had been through to raise me up to this. 

I am planning to put down 9 month 9 hours journey month wise. Hope to find time to put it down. 🙂 

Till then bless my little Angel and have a great time 🙂 🙂