I so much miss this cup of you my love – COFFEE…!

We are apart for some real good reason on the earth(story about it later). and I don’t know how much more it will take by the time I can start having a super strong cup of you.

I cherish the memories right from the time I started having coffee to the real special ones till the date. Ofcourse I make an excuse and sip a cup of coffee now as well but knowing the reason behind not having, I manage my emotions on real mild half cup of it.

Coffee – you are  passed a herdidatory taste to me from dad I belive, he being avid coffee lover. Only difference we have is he prefers filter coffee over ness coffee and it is vice versa for me. Since the time I was allowed to have something other than a cup of milk, you were the first and last choice. I moved out of home and explored more flavors of you. Taking home that newly tried flavor for dad to taste was/is always a pleasure.

Yours truly was then introduced to CCD/Barista/Costa Café and yes the one that has special tale to tell – Starbucks. Aroma of fresh coffee beans in all these stores is unparallel. It took a while to introduce husband to coffee and till date I am not sure if he has really developed taste for coffee or it is his love for me that he never denies a visit to coffee shop ;).

Argh – I need to get up and have at least a small cup of it now – cannot resist 😛

Leaving you all with some beautiful snap till the time I brew and have it. 😉 😉