Couple of days old incident has shaken up the faith in the safety of IT giants too. I mean how could someone be murdered in the day time and office premises ? I am working women and have worked with reputed IT firms so far. I had been through times when I had to work round the clock no matter if its a week day or weekend. It was possible out of the trust on teammates and the organization for safety and everything else.

What is that thing which makes human behave this cruel?  Even more disgusting thing is the discussions and comments around the incident.When are we going to stop blaming girls/women for every ill happening around? I don’t deny the fact that girls are responsible and do put themselves knowingly/unknowingly in the situation they are not supposed to. But then aren’t these devil minds to be counted on as responsible for any such happenings?? Does taking birth in masculine gender give them authority to be whatever they want to be and do?

For a moment let’s believe it was her mistake, now I ask what mistake is worth a punishment of someone else’s life irrespective of gender?? When are we going to ask our sons behave rather than pointing fingers on girls every where about? Don’t see a way forward for atleast 100 years to come.. sigh….!