Well yes , this is yet another difficult to pass evening and I should be grateful to it as it made an effort to pull up the keyboard and keep beloved Nexus away for a while at least. Swinging in the randomness, I will just note down whatever is crossing my mind now.

  •   I was super excited to see a new google phone being unveiled, watched entire video of almost 1.5 hours and surely in awe to see where they are reaching in terms of the making homes techno homes.  Sad part, no new Nexus is to be seen and pixel turns out to be Premium device. I personally feel no matter how good it is, no phone is worth half lakh rupees. So you guessed it , a long pause for dream of buying a new google phone as mine baby is turning 3 soon. 😦  Yours truly really craves for Google phones and that Vanilla experience. (Note to husband πŸ˜‰ )
  • I am reading trying to read Nicholas Sparks “The Last Song”. Not finding it interesting yet. Hope it takes a turn and makes me finish it over night.
  • DSLR is yet another gadget on the list and we are still not in agreement to buy the one. Sigh.. !!!!
  • Stumbled upon some new blogs, and people around write really worthy stuff. I need a huge improvement on vocabulary.
  • Brother whom I talk every thing and anything has coined a term “Ignore if you cannot avoid” and this quote deserves a post, lining it up soon. πŸ™‚
  • More I am progressing life , realization for importance of standing by your own side is increasing for far greater extent. No matter what it takes , one must be generous for own self and stand by.


P.S: Read it at your own risk as the post is utter randomness…!