Silence –

I find this to be a perfect way to express any kind of emotions. People may find it weired but atleast silence won’t hurt as much as words to when you throw them out of anger . On the other hand I have been receiving feedback that silence hurts more than if I were to speak it out.

I surely want people to notice that I have felt bad about the things that didn’t go well and silence does help me convey that to whom I intend to. Fortunately or unfortunately the list of people whom I count close and feel that I have right to feel anger ,love ,hate is growing short with the passing time. I am glad that this is still the phase where I am starting my own life and those who are not meant to follow along have already started falling apart. Pain would have been more sever if they have had followed along some more time and my trust in them would have grown even more. No grudges against any one and silence is the answer for every question raised against the growing reluctance from my side.

For those two faced , I have and I am learning it hard way to find the your real faces. Again I am going to be silent but I am moving away from you for now and for ever.

This post has drifted from the title, but who cares as long as I feel better as I pen down the sulk 🙂