So this me in the new place. Long awaited change has finally happened and I am landing in this new place. Now why is this boredom here when change has already happened. This is because for more than a week now I am sitting without a machine. You imagined it now how would I must be feeling for long 5 days. I still don’t see any hope of getting the machine any soon. Working on client location is even horrible nightmare especially when it doesn’t have any extra machines for internet access and oh yea may be that is too much of a demand when getting a free chair on the Floor is none less than playing musical chair for entire day. 

This punishment of making me sit without anything to do is overpowering all the positive things this new place is offering. 

I am just craving for machine like anything. All ideas on  passing this time without machine and without getting bored are welcome. Help me out people…! :/