Praise : Don’t  we all crave for it? We all do of course. It is virtue that helps me lift up the self esteem and confidence. True that expecting it from others leads to disappointment maximum number of times. One should learn praise themselves, if that is the going to help to have satisfied moments.  Excessive amount of it sure is not less than a way to disaster, so is unnecessary underestimations for your own values and virtues. I am over thinker, yep sure  I am. And I expect words of praise from people whom I count as mine. Not that I do things because I like to hear praises, but a token of appreciation is needed to keep myself going at least for things done good. I hate those who actually  know the worth of deed and still are hesitant to speak out those words of appreciation.

Now that I have realized that praising can he productive things to have and do, I hve started appreciating more, and that really feels good. It is an achievement to win smiles/hearts with those words to two and believe me it doesn’t cost the person doing anything , absolutely nothing.

Practice worthy praising and keep wining hearts 🙂